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Seven students from Washington Middle School are looking to help stop global warming.
The team, known as the WMS Wind Wolves, has been given the green light from the district superintendent, the school’s principal and the city’s mayor to pursue renewable energy at the school.

Wind Wolves: Washington Middle School’s next team of environmental warriors look to tackle the subject of renewable energy. The Wind Wolves will be working to develop new ways of conservation.

The students, Cyana Arce, Janelle Martinez, Jessica Emerson, Emmanuel Ruiz, Tannya Gallegos, Kendra Wise and Yuko Jackson have met in the morning before school, on breaks and during lunch, to research and plan their strategy. They created public service announcements to make the students and community aware of how easy it is to save energy and use less fossil fuels. The team recently finished several interviews with special experts: Environmentalist and actor Ed Begley, Jr, Raptor Specialist Maria Britton, and mechanical engineer Christian Ruiz. The team researched that using reusable mugs instead of paper or styrene cups can save many pounds of carbon dioxide per day. To that end, the team gave the WMS faculty a gift of a hand-made mug rack with many fun and interesting mugs to encourage the use of reusable drinking containers. The team is not stopping. They are now looking to present to a local company that specializes in renewable energy to hopefully make a connection that can assist the school with obtaining renewable solar/wind energy.

The WMS Wind Wolves’ journey can be viewed at, and click on Wind Wolves!

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