Submission Guidelines

  1. Quality and Authenticity: Only work that meets our standards will be published. If rejected, you can try again. Absolute no to plagiarism—it will lead to a permanent ban.
  2. Article Requirements:
    • Minimum 1000 words.
    • Must be proofread and fact-checked by the writer.
    • Ensure correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and prose.
    • Link to related articles or past news for context.
    • Avoid third-person narrative.
    • Use full names (e.g., “Manchester United” instead of “Man Utd”).
    • No offensive language.
    • Split into paragraphs to avoid large blocks of text.
  3. References and Citations:
    • Cite and link to all sources.
    • Each claim/quote must be attributable.
    • Directly link to the original article (whether in English or another language).
    • Ensure sources are credible and recent.
    • Avoid vague terms like “according to reports” or “allegedly.”
  4. Transfer Valuations:
    • Only use if based on a recent deal or backed by a credible source.
    • Transfer round-ups must have individual links for each source.
  5. Avoid Rumors: Do not present speculations as facts.
  6. Features: Create content to spark conversations and debates. Focus on timely and relevant topics, and ensure the piece is informative and factual.
Habra Editorial Team
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