Rushmore Online Loyalty Program

Rushmore Online Loyalty Program

Rushmore Online Casino is a very good choice for experienced gamblers that are seeking a true VIP experience with a legitimate gaming website. They actually have two separate rewards systems, the Executive and the Presidential, available for players of different income/betting levels on their website, and both of them offer excellent overall rewards at the upper tiers. This article will review Rushmore Online and each of their VIP programs.

Rushmore Online Overview

Rushmore Online offers well over 150 high quality casino games that can be played from any internet browser. The website itself is completely secure using channels that are normally reserved for banks and government institutions and it is also constantly monitored around the clock for any signs of forced entry or player manipulation. Rushmore is also fully TST certified, meaning that their random number generators for each game meet professional standards.

Rushmore Online is also one of the premiere online casino destinations for high-stakes gamblers because their special VIP programs that allow for much higher than normal table limits. Their top forty VIP members have taken home over $500,000 in the past five months alone…and that’s not counting the millions that everyday gamblers have won this year. Although most of their players will never get the opportunity to experience this level of gambling, a select few are permitted by customer service to practically name their own limits or even modify existing rule sets to certain games.

Rushmore Online Loyalty Programs

Rushmore Online actually has two distinct VIP programs on their website. Although each of them give the customer unparalleled customer service, they are very different in terms of bonuses, promotions, and freebies.

The VIP Executive program is for anyone who joins the website. Loyalty points automatically begin to accumulate with your very first wager, and low level rewards such as deposit bonuses and exclusive merchandise are available almost immediately. As gamblers advance in levels, however, the perks become a lot more serious with monthly cash-back offers, exclusive VIP tournaments, and many other giveaways. The VIP Executive program is very similar to what other quality online casinos offer with slightly higher cash-back payouts.

The VIP Presidential program is exclusive for high rollers and very serious gamblers that wish to make Rushmore Online their main featured online casino. The selection process is intentionally kept confidential to keep gamblers from trying to manipulate the entrance screener, but once accepted, it is by far the most prestigious VIP program available in cyberspace. Besides the standard rewards available to Executive members, VIP Presidential players receive massive incentives to gamble solely at Rushmore Online. Everything from a personal account representative to extreme travel and sponsorship rewards are available to members within this exclusive group.

Rushmore Online Loyalty Programs Summary

Rushmore Online is an excellent choice for gamblers that are looking to place casual or frequent wagers while building towards an eventual cash-back reward since their loyalty program pays out slightly more than the average gaming website. Part of that is due to their sheer number of players; which can be attributed to their excellent graphics and world-class customer service. The VIP Presidential program, however, is easily the largest and most comprehensive rewards program that any casino has ever offered….including at the major land-based casinos in Las Vegas. Although only a select few gamblers will be accepted into this program, (it is rumored that less than a dozen high-stakes gamblers per year are accepted) there is literally no equal to the levels of generosity.

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