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Posted on 11 March 2016 by La Habra Journal

By Ashley Pelegrini
La Habra Journal

The La Habra Friendship Quilt Guild has done it again with another successful quilt show.  sonora-girls-basketball-cif-finals-7

The show was held this past Saturday and Sunday at the La Habra Community Center. Those in attendance had an opportunity to view quilts created and inspired by various members of the Friendship Quilt Guild.  Those in attendance also had many opportunities to put in for raffles for a wide variety of quilts on display.  The winner of the Friendship Tree 2016 quilt was FSQG member, Laura Brown.

The proceeds collected will be donated to other philanthropic projects throughout the La Habra Community.  There were many variances in quilting abilities, uniqueness, and a story behind every quilt that was presented at the quilt show. “Our Anniversary Star”, “Wooley Flower Sampler”, and Scrappy Blocks” were just a few of the unique examples of quilting inspirations present at this years show.sonora-girls-basketball-cif-finals-9 Of the 80 or so quilts on display, Bob Jackson and his wife Mindy Jackson creators of: “ Our Anniversary Star” quilt, worked together on their quilt for about six months.  They said their inspiration was “a labor of our love for each other.” Bob began quilting 15 years ago, when his wife Mindy purchased a long-armed quilting machine in order to start her own quilting business. Mindy was unsuccessful at the machine, but before giving up completely, encouraged her husband to try his hand at the machine. “Almost 5,000 quilts later, I love it,” he  said. He has since contributed to many of the other quilts within the Friendship Quilt Guild.  Bob specializes in what’s known as “long-armed quilting.” This refers to the act of connecting and sewing all pieces of a quilt together. The intricate stitches that connect each piece of every quilt together resemble calligraphy, and appear to have required an extreme amount of patience and dedication.

The “star” portion of Bob and Mindy’s quilt has no distinct significance, but he mentioned that they both enjoy a challenge and thought it would be great to incorporate into the quilt. sonora-girls-basketball-cif-finals-11

The pattern for, “Our Anniversary Star” is referred to as “paper piecing”. It involves tracing the patterns and making sure all points match up accordingly, the choice of colors in the quilt were a mixture of dark blue and pale yellow and came inside of a kit that was then pieced together by the Jacksons. The Friendship Quilt Guild holds its quilt show every two years; by 2018,  there should be many more wonderful displays of inspiration, love, and stories through quilt making.

The quilts displayed at the quilt show resembled an art show, however, instead of pictures or paintings, these are displays of people’s creativity through the art of sewing piece by piece, and for some square by square. sonora-girls-basketball-cif-finals-13

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