Olita Elementary reaches academic milestone | La Habra Journal

Posted on 10 February 2016 by La Habra Journal

Olita Elementary School is celebrating a huge accomplishment that few schools have achieved. In fact, Olita is the only elementary school in La Habra to meet the Adequate Yearly Progress goals two years in a row. All schools are held accountable for meeting progress goals. These are the challenging state standards and annual statewide progress objectives that are in place to ensure that all groups of students reach proficiency. In 2010, after state testing scores were released, Olita Elementary fell in to Program Improvement (PI) for not meeting the required goals for subgroups two consecutive years. The staff continued to review data to find where teaching improvements could be made and focused on better strategies to meet their students’ needs. After taking the corrective action measures that all PI schools must adhere, the teachers and staff were determined to make a difference in their students’ learning. In 2013, the staff was encouraged that their efforts were paying off. All subgroups at Olita Elementary had met the required goals on the California State Test (CST). Unfortunately, that was the final year California students would be taking the CST and schools’ PI status would freeze until new requirements could be established from the new Smarter Balanced state assessment. As the new Smarter Balanced test scores and requirements were released, it was determined that Olita had met its AYP goals for the required two consecutive years and removing them from being in Program Improvement status.

“We will continue to focus on our students’ needs to make sure ALL students achieve to their potential,” stated principal, Krista Van Hoogmoed. “The staff and teachers at Olita are very proud of the hard work to which they committed and it is so rewarding to see their efforts had paid off. They are an amazing staff that shows dedication and persistence.”

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