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Posted on 17 January 2015 by La Habra Journal

It’s that time of year again, time to start off the new year with new initiatives and a new focus.  It’s a way to kind of reset and focus on goals we want to achieve.  This is the issue that we include some resolutions from people in the community.   It’s always interesting to read what some in the community are planning on doing. I actually recently completed a New Year’s resolution that I had from a year or two ago of cleaning out and organizing the garage.  I guess there’s no real time frame on when these resolutions have to be completed.  Just that we have goals. One of the goals we have for the La Habra Journal is to continue to provide information and act as a resource for all those in the community.  This is why we have the business directory, the church listings, the business journal and other items.   Since it is the new year it is time to expand these goals.  Starting with this issue, and with the next couple issues, you will see some new sections within the pages. This issue starts the Health/Fitness section. Within this section there will be articles that will help readers maintain health and fitness.  There will be articles on different medical topics for various age groups, as well as fitness tips and nutrition ideas written by local experts in these areas. The goal is to provide a resource and help people in the community live healthy and happy lives. We will also publish a personal finance section every other issue starting in the next issue.  Not only do we want to help people be physically healthy, but we also want to help provide a resource for the community members to stay financially healthy.  Topics will vary and benefit all age groups with tips on saving for retirement and college as well as helping to clear up credit and applying for home loans.  Like the ones on the new health section, these articles will be written by local experts to provide the most relevant information for our readers. Finally, we will be launching a section of the LH Journal in Spanish.  It has been a goal of ours for a while, but needed to get the right people in place to ensure we will provide information that readers want and need.  It won’t just be a translated version,  of the English language articles, but rather new content.  Some articles will include information from the English articles, but it will be more of a resource for the Spanish-speaking members in our community.  So, if you are reading this and know of someone who would appreciate local news in Spanish, please tell them to pick up the LH Journal starting with the next issue. Again, the idea of implementing all these additions is to provide resources for our readers. Much of the content, you’ll notice will be written by advertisers.  This is not a paid piece or perk of their advertisement, but rather something initiated by me for information.  We have a great relationship with our advertisers and we believe in our advertisers and their benefit to our community (otherwise we wouldn’t have them in the paper). So, it’s natural that we reach out to them as knowledgeable sources from the community for these topics. It’s another way of helping to further connect our community and maintain a local perspective.

We will continue to look for ways to enrich the lives of our readers and as a La Habra native, I want to help ensure we do what we can to help this community.

—The Editor

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