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Posted on 11 February 2016 by La Habra Journal

By Leon Rome
La Habra Journal

Hundreds of people enjoyed a pasta dinner as the La Habra Host Lions Club held its Sixth Annual Pasta Fest on Saturday at the La Habra Community Center. lions-pasta-fest-2016-4 This event is aimed to help fund the City of La Habra’s Senior Programs, which are  administered by the Community Services Department. They do this by donating all of the proceeds to the city’s program. Throughout the night guests enjoyed a traditional Italian meal with ice cream for desert donated by Frankie’s Frozen Treats, and the opportunity to participate in a silent auction and raffle. According to La Habra Social Services Manager and chair for Pasta Fest Josie Anderson, the event had been in production since last October. “This event will benefit all our seniors in the community. It will help purchase lunches five days a week, will help purchase entertainment, and any activities that the seniors have,” said Anderson.

With over 30 silent auction items present, the guests had several options to place a higher bid on. The numerous items ranged widely from adult wine baskets to children baskets filled with coloring books and plush toys, as well as a special ride along and lunch experience with La Habra Police Chief Jerry Price. pastafest_1_c-300x187-5003816

The auction items were displayed without cellophane wrapping so that the bidders could actually see the items within the assembled baskets. Raffle tickets were sold throughout the night by the Miss La Habra court. The largest raffle prize up for grabs that night was a $500 gift card tree with gift cards for several restaurants and department stores hanging from the trees branches. La Habra Mayor James Gomez, had nothing but high praise for the events successful turnout. “Seniors are very dear to the heart of the community. They call La Habra a caring community, and it’s clearly demonstrated today by all the people that have donated to this event,” said Gomez. Some of the  men of the Lions Club acted as chefs for the night, having started earlier that afternoon to cook in the community center’s large professional kitchen for the expected guests.

According to the La Habra Leo’s Club President, Tiffany Maese, the Leo’s Club members were the servers and clean up crew throughout the night’s festivities. pastafest-2_c-223x300-9656500

The Leo’s Club also provided popcorn and beverages to the guests as appetizers before the main course. Ofelia Hanson, president of the La Habra Host Lion’s Club, was glad to see how smooth the night turned out and showed great admiration for her Pasta Fest committee’s diligent work. “They did a great job. There’s no empty seat here, it’s a full house,” said Hanson. With live music entertainment provided by DJ Ross Creations and a dance floor located at the center of the large room, guests made sure to dance the night away after applauding the raffle and auction winners and eating their delicious pasta dishes.

Based off of the success of this year’s event, there is no doubt that plans for the seventh annual even twill soon be underway.

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