LHPD joins Moto-United for motorcycle safety event | La Habra Journal

Posted on 05 August 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Katelyn Chavez
La Habra Journal    

Motorcycle riders, families, volunteers, and La Habra police officers attended this event to talk about motorcycles and what you can do to ride just as good as the officers last Saturday at the Moto-United parking lot.
The LHPD and Moto-United, teamed up to inform the community on motorcycle safety.motorcycle-300x173-1949618 LHPD officers gave demonstrations on how to properly ride motorcycles. Information and safety  fliers were also given out at the event. Officers were there to explain why it’s important to know how to ride a motorcycle, with tips, and tricks for anyone interested. La Habra motorcyclist Wayne Talbott brought his son over to the event to help him become better aware of motorcycle safety. Talbott has been riding since he was a kid and keeps the tradition with his young son. Talbott suggests people look for motorcycle classes at community colleges. He feels that there should be more events like the one the LHPD and Moto-United put on. “Since14 percent of all fatalities are on motorcycles, this shouldn’t be taken lightly,” he said. Saturday’s event marks the second year that LHPD has been involved in promoting an event like this one. “It’s a highly informative and beneficial piece of information for anyone riding, or anyone on the road,” said LHPD Sgt. Jim Tigner. “Now that there are more motorcycles there are higher chances of collisions, and these accidents are either life altering or life ending.” Tigner and the other motorcycle officers stressed the importance to always brush up on safety measures and laws regarding motorcycles.

Officer Tam Do added, “You can never be too sure or safe.”

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