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Posted on 27 February 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Rahel Ramos
La Habra Journal

Just a week after closing their latest show, “The Importance of Being Earnest”, La Habra High School is already back in the swing of things and ready to do it again as they prepare for arguably their toughest show yet. “Les Misérables” is an emotionally packed show based on Victor Hugo’s classic tale that takes place during the French Revolution.


La Habra High School’s Theater Guild is known for having a wide variety of talented students, yet they are all able to come together to showcase their skills and tell this remarkable story about grace and forgiveness.

“Our rehearsal period was really quick. [I watched students] navigate all the different things going on in their lives, like sports and [other shows],” said choreographer, Annie Lavin, who has been choreographing the LHHS Theater Guild’s productions for nine seasons.

The things these students are learning throughout the process of rehearsing for a show helps prepare students for college and beyond.  Many of these students are involved in various other campus activities including sports, AP classes, volunteer-work, and part-time jobs.

”It’s about time management and being responsible,” said Senior Kymberlin Martin,

Learning to balance the preparation of a show with everything else that the students have going on is a skill they will take with them for the rest of their lives, whether they continue with theater or not.

Rather than altering the musical, the Guild followed the strict structure of the storyline. They want the audience to walk away with “a profound understanding of what a grace-oriented-and-forgiveness-offering-life looks like,” said director, Brian Johnson.

“The goal for this show is to be true to the story and to tell it simplistically,” Lavin added. There are no surprises here, but instead a true tribute to the classic tale.

Audiences can take away more than just melodies in this musical. The LHHS Theater Guild stresses acting and believability of character and relationships.

“I’m hoping that the audience will understand that this isn’t just a singing show. There’s a lot of character development,” Martin said.

One of the things that make La Habra High School’s show aesthetically pleasing is their impressive understanding of performing space. A balcony was built above the stage for performers to complete the show’s centralized and beautifully executed artistic vision. In the big chorus numbers, the stage is filled and the harmonious voices permeate throughout the auditorium.

The classic musical opens at Plummer Auditorium February 26 and runs through March 8. For show dates, times and tickets, visit www.lhhsguild.com.

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