La Habra tops OC in water cuts | La Habra Journal

Posted on 18 June 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Jay Seidel
La Habra Journal

According to the April water conservation report by supplier issued by the state, La Habra has saved more water than any other city in Orange County.

The report lists La Habra as saving 18 percent  compared to last year. This number edges past East Orange County Water District’s 16 percent savings. La Habra’s Water and Sewer Manager Brian Jones explained that the city is tasked by the State Water Board to reduce overall water use by 28 percent.

He explained that the state water board determines the limit based on perla-habra-logo-small-296x300-8291153 capita use over a select period of time, and then compares monthly use to that of the same month’s use in previous years.

In May, 2015, La Habra consumers reduced water use by approximately 28 percent. “I don’t know how that compares to other agencies, but it is the highest monthly reduction for La Habra since we began reporting in September 2014,” Jones explained.  “We are hopeful that this trend will continue.” Jones explained that the city  has a staff member that canvases neighborhoods looking for water waste and notifies the resident or commercial property owner. “The notice explains the nature of the violation and provides an opportunity to take corrective action,” he explained. “Our intent is to work with our customers, and garner compliance through education and awareness.” To date, 150 notices of water waste have been issued. The city utilizes community events to inform residents about  water conservation. “We have plenty of literature and giveaways such as low-flow shower heads, aerators, toilet dams, and shower timers for example” Jones said. One of the newest aspects of the State’s restrictions, Jones said, is that there is to be no irrigating during or 48 hours following a rain event. He indicated that the city staff will continue to utilize non-emergency features to send a phone blast when such rain events stand a strong likelihood of occurring, so people will be aware. Jones directs people to the city website that  provides an easy avenue to learn about rebate programs for water conservation as well as reporting water waste. Throughout June, all consumers will receive the city’s annual water quality report.  While the report is intended to display the water quality parameters of the City’s water supply, Jones said that it also holds plenty of information on water conservation.

He added that the city is committed to working with residents to continue to conserve water.

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