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My New Year’s resolution for 2015 is to spend more time with my son and family. As I enter my fourth term on the city council I resolve to serve our community with the same passion and drive as my first day in office!
James Gomez
La Habra Mayor Pro Tem

My New Years resolution is to have Advance! help more than 300 young people from La Habra get into college!
Fred Lentz
Founder, Advance! on to College

To train one more World Champion. Also, relax more and less serious on little things.
David Martinez
Director, La Habra Boxing Club

Give unconditional love to all: to those that are easy to love and to those that  challenge me to love with all my heart.
Mecki Grothues
Director, La Habra Life Center

I want to work more with community organizations and members, involving everyone in the Move More, Eat Healthy La Habra campaign to fight childhood obesity, and promote a healthy, vibrant La Habra,
Sandi Baltes
Director, La Habra Collaborative

My resolution for 2015 is: To NOT add anything more to my plate BUT to do the things that I already do BETTER in a way that pleases God.

Rolland Esslinger

Athletic Director, Whittier Christian High School

To create, develop, produce and market something never seen, imagined or done before in the past 83 years.
Chuck Morse
La Habra Resident

In 2015 I resolve to spread the good news about La Habra High School, the Home of the Highlanders. We are blessed with amazing programs, students, families, staff, and community members, and I want to share this with everyone!
Lezlie Matsuyama
Chemistry teacher/Science Department Chair,
La Habra High School

Our New Year’s Resolution at Sonora is to increase the equity, access and opportunities for all students in our International Baccalaureate Program. I personally would like to get more involved with our Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in activities and service to our community here in La Habra.

Adam Bailey

Principal, Sonora High School

I have a goal to get my older kids started on piano lessons this year.
Tim Shaw
La Habra City Councilman

To be more active, to learn to ice skate well (my mom was a speed skating champ), and to remember to take my reusable shopping bags into the store, instead of forgetting them in the car.
Marcia Taylor
La Habra Recreation Division

The Children’s Museum at La Habra will continue to be a fun and exciting destination for children and families to visit and engage in  the Arts, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Literacy, Physical Fitness and Healthy Eating exhibits and programs.
Lovely Qureshi
Managing Director, The Children’s Museum at La Habra

Get rid of negative influences, have more patience, laugh often and say ‘thank you’ always.
Eloisa Sharp
La Habra State Farm Ins. agent

Looking forward to serve everyone that comes to the Continental Deli. Come on over and have a sandwich or sausage and also buy from our Deli where we have German specialties.
Monica Geub
Owner, Continental Deli

My primary New Years Resolution is become more involved in Pet Rescue.
Sharon Machlik
Owner, The Dog Lodge

I resolve to stop daily and  see…Really see the beauty around me . To name it, share it and record  it everyday, in my journal, much like a gratitude journal, but I must see it every day, in the daily activities of life and capture it. It’s a daily adventure.  Oh, and take my daily vitamins
Vicky Eagleson
Counselor, La Habra High School

My New Years resolution is to spend  a few minutes every night writing a schedule for the following weekday so I can maximize my time.
Matt Holmberg
Treasurer., LH Kiwianas Club, La Habra Heights Resident I have a few resolutions but a very simple one to keep is: Take The Stairs…no elevators or escalators.  It can also equate to “Go the extra mile”!   Oh yes, and eat more chocolate!

 Kathy Felix

TNG Real Estate Consultant

I resolve to look for the good in myself before I look for it in others!
Debbie Dudley
CEO & CSEO, CEA / Owner
Mercury Escrow Company

I resolve to be as smart as our 5th graders as we implement new technologies and the Common Core in our schools.
John Dobson
President, Board of Trustees
La Habra City School District

I resolve to improve my time management skills.  Balancing your professional life and personal life is key to happiness and success, and both are equally important.
Jason Cecil
Interim Director
Help for Brain Injured Children

To continue to fulfill LHHS’ vision of supporting and producing well rounded students who thrive in academic, athletics, the arts, and leadership activities. And, of course, repeat as only school in Orange County to meet State and Federal AYP guidelines!
Karl Zener, Ed.D.
Principal, La Habra High School

My New Years resolution like most people out there is to get in better shape.  I also want to sell twice as many homes as I did in 2014.
Ray Fernandez
TNG Real Estate Consultants

For 2015, I want to make sure that everyone has access to understandable and usable information about health insurance and the healthcare system, so we can all make it through the year healthy, happy and productive!
Michael Villaire, MSLM
CEO, Institute for Healthcare Advancement

La Habra Historical Museum! So my 2015 resolution begins to bring as much awareness to our community to visit our precious gem of history soon and often. And secondly support our community as a La Habra Host Lion member
Elizabeth Steves
President, La Habra Host Lions I would like to see the Move More, Eat Healthy La Habra Campaign continue to progress and thrive. Our city is on the road to improved health and fitness and I am excited to see what this year brings!

Rebecca French

Owner, Elite Fitness

My goals for 2015 are to eat healthier and to enjoy more time with family, as our son is heading off to college in the fall.
Melissa Barajas
Sonora High School
English Teacher and Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

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