Ferdinand criticized the Manchester United management: ‘Spent a lot of money, but it solved nothing.

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“The ‘Red Devils’ are in 13th place in the English championship standings.

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand said that the Red Devils’ management should have heeded the words of the team’s former head coach, Ralf Rangnick, who spoke about its poor condition.”

“People are looking for a scapegoat, that’s how the media is behaving now. I see people saying that Rashford doesn’t work hard enough, or that Bruno is a poor captain. Ralf Rangnick’s comments before leaving were something like: ‘This club doesn’t need medicine, this club needs open-heart surgery.’ No one looked at that comment and thought, ‘Let me delve into this.’ It shows that no one is going to address the problem. We had Cristiano Ronaldo, who showed good performance, but he couldn’t fix the situation. We’ve had many managers with excellent reputations, but they couldn’t handle such a situation. Spent a lot of money, but it solved nothing,” The Sun quotes Ferdinand.

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