EPL Week 11 Review: Chelsea Crush Spurs as Liverpool Stumble Against Luton

Sensation on Brammel Lane. Loss of points by several leaders. The defeat of Tottenham in the London Derby. Read on to find out more.

Sensation on Brammel Lane. Loss of points by several leaders. The defeat of Tottenham in the London Derby.

Fulham 0 – 1 Manchester United

EPL Week 11 Review: Chelsea Crush Spurs as Liverpool Stumble Against Luton

The host Fulham looked very great in the match, and the second half was completely behind them, and if the hosts were a little more precise, they could have won. But about everything in order.
Manchester started the match with the first number and tried to put pressure on the opponent. But this did not lead to the expected result. The Mancunian fans were briefly overjoyed at the 8th minute of the meeting. Scott McTominay scored a goal after drawing a free kick, but after it was canceled by the decision of VAR. By the middle of the half, the game leveled off, Fulham became bolder and was able to move the game away from their goal to the center of the field. Several good Manchester City attacks did not end with a goal, there was a lack of accuracy in the last shot. The first half ends in a goalless draw 0-0.

Second Half

The second half started more cheerfully. Fulham, already feeling that Manchester is not so strong, began to regularly attack the opponent’s goal dangerously. Harry Wilson struck from afar on 61 minutes and only Onana’s magnificent jump saved Manu’s goal. In the same minute, after drawing a corner, Onana saves his team again after a penetrating pass into the penalty area and a cannon shot by Paglig. ManU woke up by the middle of the half and was able to level the game and go forward.

Facundo Pelistri dribbled into the Fulham penalty area on 71 minutes and struck, but very weakly and the goalkeeper calmly got the ball into his hands. Bruno Fernandes shot dangerously into the bottom far corner from a free kick on 83 minutes, but Bernd Leno coped with the shot. in the 84th minute, Anthony Martial shot through himself in the fall, but the ball flew near the post. Bruno Fernandes brings victory to the Mancunians in the 91st minute of the meeting. An unsuccessful takedown from a defender leads to Brunu intercepting the ball and after several passes the ball returns to him, and removing two defenders on the swing, Brunu rolls the ball into the corner of Leno’s goal. 0 – 1.

What else can I say? Our forecast for the match was justified, the minimum victory in the last minutes, which could not happen. Fulham looked good and if they had been more accurate in their shots, the winner of the match could have been different.

Sheffield United 2 – 1 Wolverhampton

EPL Week 11 Review: Chelsea Crush Spurs as Liverpool Stumble Against Luton

Blades sensationally beat Wolves. The match was rich in power struggle. Both teams exchanged penalties, but it did not lead to danger. The Wolves tried to attack, and the Blades defended themselves competently, pressed and carried out their attacks. On the 25th minute, Wolves could have opened the scoring after a cool combination, but Mateus Cunha’s shot went over the goal. At the 45th minute, Rian Brewster, the Sheffield striker, was injured and left the field. That was the end of the first half. 0 – 0.

The second half started in the same vein, but the Blades attacked and pressed more and more boldly, and the Wolves could not find the threads of their game. And all this was converted into a missed goal by Wolves in the 72nd minute. The pressure of the Blades led to an error when taking out and after the rebound, the ball fell out to Cameron Archer. Archer, running away from the defenders, scores a beautiful goal from the crossbar by punching from afar. 1-0, the Blades took the lead.

Wolverhampton woke up after conceding a goal and made some good attacks. Jean-Rickner Bellegarde took the ball in the penalty area after a rebound in the 88th minute, turned around and hit exactly nine. 1-1. Everyone thought that the match would end like this, but after the corner kick in the 96th minute, everything changed. Fabio Silva overdid the selection of the ball and cut down a Sheffield player in the penalty area and was assigned an 11-meter after checking the VAR. Oliver Norwood was accurate from the point and 2-1. Sheffield’s first win of the season. The result was more than unexpected, the Wolves were nominally stronger, but it played a cruel joke on them.

Manchester City 6 – 1 Bournemouth

EPL Week 11 Review: Chelsea Crush Spurs as Liverpool Stumble Against Luton

Our forecast for the match was fully justified. City took the ball from the first minutes and began to build attacks. City shot at the goal for a long time, and the first really dangerous moment happened on 21 minutes. Erling Holland hit the post with his head, after a cross from the flank. Jeremy Doku scores a goal on 30 and converts City’s advantage into a score on the scoreboard. Bernardo Silva increases the score by scoring a goal already in the 32nd minute from the transfer of the previous goalkeeper of the team to Doku. Bournemouth has completely swum. Jeremy Doku makes a double with a long-range shot on 37 minutes, but the ball was counted on Manuel Akanji due to a rebound. 3-0 and the end of the first half.

Second Half

The match continued the same way, City attacking, Bournemouth trying not to miss more. And for a while they did it. Doku makes a hat-trick of assists in the 64th minute, giving a pass for a goal for Phil Foden. 4-0. Having scored the fourth goal, Guardiola’s team gave a little freedom to the guests.

Bournemouth took advantage of the freedom granted. In the 74th minute, a long pass from the defense to the flank of the attack and then a cross-pass into the penalty area, where Luis Sinisterra dealt with the defender and rolled the ball past Ederson. 4-1. Bernardo Silva makes a double in the 83rd minute, gracefully beating the defender and goalkeeper in a counterattack, and Doku makes his fourth assist for the match. 5-1. City decided to take it out on Bournemouth for the missed ball until the end. Nathan Ake sets the final score of the match, scoring with his head after a shot from the flank. 6-1. In the 98th minute, Mateo Kovacic had a chance to score, but failed to beat Rada in goal.

The expected victory of the City. One can only sympathize with Bournemouth that the calendar has brought them together with City when they are in such great shape.

Everton 1 – 1 Brighton

EPL Week 11 Review: Chelsea Crush Spurs as Liverpool Stumble Against Luton

Both teams entered the match charged to win, which led to an abundance of fighting and a lot of dangerous blows. Abdulaye Dukure shot Verbruggen’s goal in the 4th minute, but the latter coped with the blow. Vitaliy Mikolenko scores a goal in the 7th minute of the match, having managed to hit the goal at the second attempt. Everton completely arranged the score and they began to play defensively. In the 14th minute, it seemed that Lewis Dank equalized the score with a cannon shot from the crossbar, after a free kick, but VAR canceled it. Brighton took the ball for themselves and searched for attacking opportunities for a long time, but rarely found them. So the first half ended, 1-0.
Brighton continued to press in the second half. Dank executed a dangerous free kick in the 55th minute, but Jordan Pickford handled the shot. Brighton’s attacks did not subside, but in the 74th minute Everton could have increased the gap, but McNeil did not hit the goal. On 84 minutes, Kaoru Mitoma once again dragged the ball down the flank and makes a shot, the ball hits Ashley Young’s leg and flies over Pickford, who overslept this rebound and the long-awaited goal for Brighton. 1-1. Before the end of the meeting, the Seagulls tried several more times to pile on Everton’s goal, but it did not bring results.
A 1 – 1 draw is a natural result. Some, having scored a goal, did not really want to attack anymore, and the latter, controlling the ball 80% of the time, could not figure out how to convert it into goals. And if there hadn’t been a rebound and Pickford had been more attentive, then the game could have ended in favor of the Liverpool club.

Brentford 3 – 2 West Ham

EPL Week 11 Review: Chelsea Crush Spurs as Liverpool Stumble Against Luton

The teams showed a beautiful and productive match. The Bumblebees were not expected to win, the more valuable it is for them. Nile Mope scored a goal against West Ham already in the 11th minute of the match, as the defenders did not figure out who would take out the ball. But the Hammers recouped pretty quickly. At the 19th minute, Mohammed Kudus wins back one ball with a blow in a fall through himself, causing a standing ovation in his direction from the entire stadium. Jarrod Bowen puts West Ham ahead, finishing the ball in goal on 26 minutes, after hitting and hitting the post from Kudus.

On the 40th minute, West Ham could shoot questions on the winner of the match, but two attacking players did not figure out who would hit an empty goal, and collided, sent the ball past the goal. The break is 1-2 in favor of West Ham. Bumblebees, entering the second half, seized the initiative. Tk already at the 54th minute there was an own goal by Konstantinos Mavropanos, who, after filing into the penalty area, cut the ball into the net. 2-2.

But the Bumblebees did not slow down, and West Ham looked “extinguished” after the break. Nathan Collins put Brentford ahead on 69 minutes. After serving from the flank, Collins outweighed two defenders in the air, and sent the ball with his head into the goal. 3-2. Formally, the match ended there, Bumblebees were satisfied with the score, and West Ham did not find the strength to win back. Brentford showed the will to win and fully deserved such a result, their fans are probably delighted with such a team game.

Burnley 0 – 2 Crystal Palace

EPL Week 11 Review: Chelsea Crush Spurs as Liverpool Stumble Against Luton

Burnley clearly wanted to win more, which is reflected in the statistics of the match, but Vincent Kompany’s team could not realize their ambitions. The hosts tried to press from the first minutes, hoping to catch the opponent on a mistake. But Palace skillfully coped with this due to long throws on their fast forwards.

On 22nd minute, Palace’s approach paid off. Jordan Ayew won the fight on the flank, entered the penalty area and gave an accurate pass to Jeffrey Schlupp. Goal, 0-1, Palace ahead. Gudmundsson could have regained equality in the score at the 28th minute, after feeding from the flank, he hit his head accurately, but the ball passed centimeters from the post. Luka Koleosho could also have equalized in the 38th minute, but Palace defender Joakim Andersen, in a perfectly calibrated tackle, did not allow the striker to break through. The half ended with no changes on the scoreboard, 0-1.

Second Half

The second half continued in the same way as the first one ended. Burnley were eager to attack, Palace defended and built their attacks with long passes. Gudmundsson did not realize a second chance to equalize the score in 61 minutes, not hitting the goal after Koleosho’s pass. Starting from the 70th minute, Burnley piled on the Palace goal, creating many dangerous moments, but the defenders and the goalkeeper coped with the threat. In the 94th minute, having intercepted the ball after the takedown, the Palace players took advantage of a hole in the defense, the Burnley players who had not yet returned, and Tyreke Mitchell set the final score 0-2.
Palace justified the status of the favorite and won. The team competently played the second number and was able to score twice. Burnley, having a large advantage in possession of the ball and shots on goal, did not realize their advantage remains in the relegation zone in the table.

Newcastle 1 – 0 Arsenal

EPL Week 11 Review: Chelsea Crush Spurs as Liverpool Stumble Against Luton

The match really came out fighting, with an abundance of fighting and violations, in which Newcastle emerged the winner, although not without the help of a referee error. Arsenal tried to play ball control from the start of the match, but the power struggle imposed by Newcastle made it very difficult to implement it. Newcastle’s first killer moment came in the 29th minute. Callum Wilson, after drawing a free kick, shot from the goalie’s line from the summer, but the ball went over the crossbar. At the 36th minute, the first clash between the players of both teams arose, after a rough tackle by Kai Haverts, during which 4 players got cards. Gabriel Martinelli could have put the Gunners ahead in the 46th minute, but having dealt with the defender, he struck exactly at the goalkeeper.

Second Half

Bruno Guimaraes could have received a straight red card in the 48th minute for an elbow to the head, but that the chief referee that the VAR system did not notice this violation. Break, the score of the match is 0-0. After coming out of the break, the teams continued to fight in the middle of the field, and occasionally snapped attacks.

But at the 64th minute, the turning point of this match happened. Anthony Gordon scored a goal. He was checked for a long time by the VAR system and eventually counted, and even the fact that the ball went out of the side a little earlier in the episode, and that the assisting Joelinton flew into the back of the Arsenal defender with two hands, did not confuse the system in any way. We are waiting for a new judicial scandal. Nevertheless, the match continued, and as Arsenal did not try to open the Newcastle defense, they failed to do so until the end of the match. 1-0 away win. The score is unexpected, but if you do not take into account the refereeing of the match, Arsenal itself did not show its game to win.

Nottingham Forest 2 – 0 Aston Villa

EPL Week 11 Review: Chelsea Crush Spurs as Liverpool Stumble Against Luton

The confident victory of Foresters in this match is surprising. Forrest himself played well, but their more formidable opponent seemed unassembled from the very starting whistle. The hosts felt at ease at home from the first minutes. The first dangerous moment occurred already at the 3rd minute of the meeting. Nicolas Dominguez shot from outside the penalty area, but there was not enough accuracy to get into the goal. But on the second attempt, Forest corrected himself. Ola Aina shot from afar into the corner without a chance for Emiliano Martinez in the 5th minute of the meeting. 1-0. Aston Villa made attempts to attack, but on this day their attacking players got up on the wrong foot and could not bring the matter to an accentuated hit on target.

Nicolas Dominguez could have corrected his mistake in the 39th minute by hitting the target after a penetrating pass into the penalty area, but again sent the ball to the podium. The first half was left for Forest. The hosts and the second half started very cheerfully, and at 2 minutes of the second half they upset Martinez for the second time. Aurel Mangala struck from afar, Martinez reached for the ball in a jump, but the ball flew treacherously up and fell into the goal. 2-0. After the second missed goal, the Lions still revived and made attempts to win back the match. Moussa Diaby had the opportunity to reduce the gap in the score on 68 minutes, but the shot was not strong enough and the goalkeeper coped with it.

Villa’s attacks continued until the final whistle, but they could not create anything effective. We can congratulate the Foresters on a great victory, and wish the Lions to better tune in to these kind of matches.

Luton Town 1 – 1 Liverpool

EPL Week 11 Review: Chelsea Crush Spurs as Liverpool Stumble Against Luton

The second sensational result for the round. Modest Luton was able to impose a struggle on Merseysiders. Liverpool had a huge game advantage the whole match and Liverpool’s center forward had every chance to convert it into goals. Darwin Nunez shot very well from afar into the far corner in the 5th minute of the meeting, but Kaminsky coped with the shot. Once again, Nunez failed to put Liverpool ahead after hitting the crossbar in the 13th minute. Liverpool attacked and hit the goal a lot, but did not hit them too often, and Luton imposed a struggle on all parts of the field and defended very competently. Kaminski saves his team again on 33 minutes, after Diogo Jota’s shot into the near corner from outside the penalty area. Tied 1 half, break.

Second Half

Liverpool started the second half calmer, giving a little space to Luton to lure them into their own half. On 64 minutes Luton almost took the opportunity. Chidozi Ogbene passed two Liverpool defenders on the flank and only the third defender who came running did not let the ball roll out to an empty goal. Cody Gakpo failed to shoot correctly in the 68th minute and the ball went past Kaminsky’s goal. Mohamed Salah did everything for Nunez in the 69th minute, throwing the ball to him with his head on the corner of the goalkeeper, but even in such a situation he missed an empty goal.

Luton, after drawing a corner at their own goal in the 80th minute, took advantage of appeals to the referee about playing with their hand and ran away to counterattack. Tahit Chong completes the counterattack with an accurate strike, bringing the hosts forward. After scoring a goal, Luton sat down in a blind defense, trying to wipe out the remaining time. However, Liverpool bounced back. Luis Diaz responded to Eliot’s cross in the 95th minute and sent the ball with his head into the goal. 1-1 and the final whistle. Well, Darwin Nunez gave Luton a miracle with his realization. The hosts may be upset that they didn’t last a couple of minutes to win, but even one point in such a match is very important for them.

Tottenham 1 – 4 Chelsea

EPL Week 11 Review: Chelsea Crush Spurs as Liverpool Stumble Against Luton

Chelsea deals the strongest blow to Tottenham with 9 players finishing the match.
The match started very favorably for Spurs. Dejan Kuluszewski opened the scoring already at the 6th minute of the match. Pedro Porro almost increased the lead in the 7th minute, punching from the edge of the penalty area from the summer, but Sanchez coped with the shot. Guglielmo Vicario saves his team after a cut-off in the center of the field in the 11th minute. Nicholas Jackson entered the penalty area, laid down two defenders and punched into the far corner, but Vicario was able to get the ball. Son on the 13th minute doubled the team’s advantage, but a small offside did not allow this to happen.

Moises Caicedo equalized with a cool shot into the corner on 27 minutes, but this ball was also canceled. In the previous episode, Christian Romero roughly took the ball and drove spikes into a Chelsea player, for which, after watching VAR, he received a penalty and a straight red card. Cole Palmer turned out to be accurate, 1-1. Tottenham started playing defensively with hopes of counterattacks. Chelsea began to actively put pressure on the Spurs defense, but yes, with 12 minutes added to the first half, they did not realize the numerical advantage.

Second Half

The second half started with another problem for Tottenham. Destiny Udoji carelessly played in a tackle on 54 minutes and earned a second yellow card for himself, leaving Tottenham to play in the ninth. Nicholas Jackson almost put Chelsea ahead by punching past the goalkeeper at point-blank range on 55 minutes, but Pierre-Emile Heybjerg took the ball off the ribbon. Vicario once again makes an incredible save for the game after Jackson’s exit with him 1 in 1 beating off a shot and immediately after coping with finishing, and the recorded offside does not reduce the merits of the Tottenham goalkeeper in any way.

On 67 Vicario saves Spurs again, this time Mark Cucurella ran out with him for a rendezvous, but could not beat him. But luck could not accompany forever under such conditions of the match. Nicholas Jackson puts Chelsea ahead on 75 minutes with a Sterling pass. Tottenham made attempts to recoup. In the 78th minute, Eric Dyer scored a goal from a free kick, but it was recorded offside.

Son, in the 94th minute, could have won back the ball for Tottenham, but the Chelsea goalkeeper is also standing there for a reason and was able to repel a difficult shot. At this point, apparently, the emotional and physical strength of the Spurs ran out and they conceded two more goals in the next 3 minutes. The same Nicholas Jackson scores a double in the 95th minute and a hat-trick in the 97th minute. A deplorable final score for Tottenham and a wonderful one for Chelsea. We must pay tribute, the Spurs held up perfectly and could win back several times.

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