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Posted on 27 October 2012 by La Habra Journal

By Yvonne Lanot
La Habra Journal

With only two seats and three competitors, the Lowell Joint School District Board of Education has some friendly competition for the district.

According to the Lowell Joint School District website, they are “committed to providing a strong academic program of basic skills with a well-rounded program of traditional subject offerings.” They also emphasize the importance of education, family and traditional American values. And with these values, two new faces want to continue this mission statement by being on the board of education.

With two vacancies due to a retiring board member and another running for the Fullerton Union High School District Board, there will be at least one new member joining the Board of Education.

Fred Shambeck has been on the board for 29 years, while Martha Leonard and Brandon Jones are new faces running for the positions of the board of education.

Shambeck has been on the board since 1983, he believes he can bring his past knowledge and involvement with the community to the board of education once again if re-elected.

Leonard is on the Parent Teacher Association and is the Vice President and recording secretary for the La Habra Council PTA. She believes she can bring her great interest and involvement in education to the Lowell Joint School District.

“I am connected with the other schools, I collaborate well with them,” Leonard said. “I think it’s important to go see what the board has to say instead of waiting a month after the report comes out to give my two cents. I want to be there to make a bigger impact.”

Jones is a Rio Hondo College Professor and also the son of former board member Dick Jones. He believes having been in education all his life, he can bring his insight to help better the district.

“Education solves so many different problems in this world, I think I bring those opportunities to this board,” Jones said. “I’m looking for the next generation, to keep promoting great ideas and promoting the right steps and right direction.”

And when asked about what’s the greatest issue that the district is facing, they all agreed that finances and budgeting is the greatest issue.

“We’ve been doing a great job with dealing more with less,” Jones said. “Our budget might shift lower, so we need to make sure we’re making proper decisions and not being wasteful.”

And for the Lowell Joint School District, they all agree that the district is doing well and is going in the right direction with their traditions and community values.

“This school is in good shape,” Shambeck said. “Lowell keeps tradition as a valuable thing for the district.”
Leonard believes the district has so many involved parents and so many people that care, as well as teachers that are always involved.

Jones also believes that tradition has been a big part of the strengths of the Lowell Joint School District.
“We’ve got great leadership and parents who really care about our students, but also about other students and the school,” Jones said. “By keeping those ideals and traditions alive, we’ll be doing great.”

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