Diego Armando Maradona (1960 – 2020)

Delve into his career stats, major achievements, and unforgettable moments on and off the field. Discover why Maradona's legacy remains unmatched in the world of sports.

Diego Maradona, born on October 30, 1960, in Lanús, Argentina, is celebrated as one of football’s most illustrious players. Standing at a height of 1.67 m and favoring his left foot, Maradona’s career took him through numerous clubs and had a distinct impact on each.

Diego Maradona stats overview

Diego Maradona, often cited as one of football’s most legendary talents, held an illustrious playing career filled with remarkable stats. Throughout his journey across various leagues and competitions, he participated in 344 matches, scored 160 goals, assisted 94 times, and was cautioned with 19 yellow cards, all in a playtime of 29,748 minutes.

The Serie A witnessed the pinnacle of his brilliance, with Maradona registering 81 goals in 187 matches. In LaLiga, he made a significant impact, scoring 27 goals in 62 appearances and even facing one red card moment. The Italy Cup saw Maradona at his finest, netting 29 goals in 44 matches. His European escapades include scoring in UEFA Cup, Cup Winners’ Cup, and European Cup, showcasing his adaptability against various European elites.

Notably, in the Copa del Rey, Maradona managed to score 6 times in 12 games. His stats are a testament to his unmatched prowess on the pitch, reinforcing why Maradona remains an iconic figure in the football world.

Football history is replete with legends, but Diego Maradona’s statistical achievements make him stand out even among the pantheon of greats. His performances at the World Cup remain a benchmark, with the Diego Maradona 1986 World Cup stats being a testament to his brilliance during that tournament. That year, he steered Argentina to victory, setting standards that few could match.

Diego Maradona 1986 World CupN/A1020
Diego Maradona Napoli stats1878146
Diego Maradona PES 2017N/A0-100-10
Diego Maradona Argentina statsN/A0-100-10

Maradona’s club career was just as scintillating. His stint at Napoli, underscored by the stats, speaks volumes about his ability to impact a game. With 81 goals in 187 appearances, he became an icon in the Serie A and left an indelible mark on Italian football. Gaming enthusiasts keen on recreating such feats in the virtual realm often turn to Diego Maradona PES 2017 stats – PES Master. His attributes in the game reflect his real-world agility, vision, and ball control.

Diego’s influence wasn’t confined to one league or country. The holistic Diego Maradona official career stats encompass his contributions across multiple teams and competitions. From the lively pitches of LaLiga to the competitive tournaments representing Argentina, his prowess remains a topic of admiration and discussion for fans worldwide.

  • Clubs: FC Barcelona, SSC Napoli, Sevilla FC, among others.
  • National Team: Argentina
  • World Cup Wins: 1 (1986)

Transfer History

  • From Argentinos U20 to Argentinos Jrs. in 1977.
  • Loaned to Boca Juniors from Argentinos Jrs. in 1981 for a fee of €3.80m.
  • Moved from Boca Juniors to Barcelona in 1982 for €7.30m.
  • Transferred from Barcelona to Napoli in 1984 for €12.00m.
  • Following a ban, he joined Sevilla FC in 1992 for €5.70m.
  • He returned to Boca Juniors from Sevilla FC in 1993 as a free transfer and saw through various phases with Boca Juniors till his retirement in 1997.

Family Ties

  • Brother: Hugo and Raúl Maradona.
  • Son: Diego Maradona Jr., who manages FC Pompei.
  • Uncle to: Hernán López Muñoz, associated with CD Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba.

Accolades and Achievements

Diego Maradona was crowned “Footballer of the Year” in Argentina four times (1979, 1980, 1981, and 1986).

  • Top goal scorer in Serie A and Italy Cup in the 87/88 season.
  • Memorable tournaments include:
    • World Cup victory with Argentina in 1986.
    • Two-time Italian Champion with SSC Napoli in 86/87 and 89/90 seasons.
    • UEFA Cup winner with SSC Napoli in 88/89.
    • Spanish Cup winner with Barcelona in 82/83.
    • Italian Cup winner with Napoli in 86/87.
    • Spanish Super Cup winner with Barcelona in 83/84.
    • Italian Super Cup winner with Napoli in 90/91.
    • Under-20 World Cup champion with Argentina U20 in 1979.
    • Argentinian champion with Boca Juniors in 1981.
    • CONMEBOL-UEFA Cup of Champions winner with Argentina in 92/93.

Biggest Victories

CompetitionClubDateMatchGoalsAssistsMinutes Played
Serie ASSC NapoliOct 23, 1988SSC Napoli 8:2 Delfino Pescara 19362390′

Greatest Losses

CompetitionClubDateMatchMinutes Played
LaLigaSevilla FCMay 23, 1993Real Madrid 5:0 Sevilla FC90′

Most Goals in One Match

CompetitionClubDateMatchGoalsAssistsMinutes Played
UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (-1999)FC BarcelonaSep 14, 19831.FC Magdeburg 1:5 FC Barcelona3190′

His career was both storied and tumultuous, with incredible highs like winning the 1986 FIFA World Cup and lows such as his infamous “Hand of God” goal. Off the field, Diego’s life mirrored his career: illustrious yet laden with controversies. Regardless of opinions, the impact Maradona had on the football world remains undeniable. He not only played the game but also lived it with unmatched passion, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans worldwide.

Diego Maradona’s passing on November 25, 2020, at the age of 60, marked the end of an era, but his legacy in football continues to inspire.

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