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By Alondra Uziar
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Lions park has held the festival ever since it began in 1948 and is hosted by the La Habra Lions. What originally began as a simple dance and cookout has evol

Jay Seidel/ La Habra Journal
Corn family: Lawrence Molesky stands with daughters Kaitlyn, 14, and Isabella, 4, after they competed in the annual La Habra Corn Festival Corn Eating Contest.

ved to be La Habra’s greatest fundraising event.

With the 69th annual La Habra Corn Festival, it comes as no surprise that one of the main events that attracts the most attention of residents of La Habra and surrounding communities is the annual corn eating contests. Anaheim resident Lawrence Molesky has attended the Corn Festival and has competed for the past three years. Since day one, he has gone toe-to-toe with corn-eating champion Charles Bill Jr. Since then, he has been in fierce competition with Bill Jr. But how did Molesky find out about the La Habra event? “We actually saw it on Channel 5 news three years ago and said ‘Oh, this is a corn festival.’ So we said, ‘Let’s go.’ Because that’s what we do — we up and go,” he explained. But his enthusiasm for the corn eating contest has spread, and it has become a Molesky family event. The competition is divided into three categories separated by age. One for children under 10, one for teens ages 11 to 17 and the final category for those 18 and up. Two of Molesky’s three daughters are now competing in the contest. Kaitlyn, 14, and Isabella, 4, are now veteran corn-eating competitors. This year, Lawrence shared second place with another contestant, eating 10 cobs while Bill retained his crown with 12 cobs.

Lawrence Molesky said that the event is already noted into his calendar for next year.

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