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Posted on 22 May 2014 by La Habra Journal

By Jay Seidel
La Habra Journal

A box was placed last week on a pedestal in the La Habra Civic Center.  Inside the box was placed a small stack of books. But what is it for?
It is the Little Free Library.  Its part of an international organization focused on promoting literacy and the love of reading while building a sense of community.


Photo by Jay Seidel/La Habra Journal
Take a book, leave a book: La Habra Councilman Jim Gomez opens the first Little Free Library box in La Habra.

The concept is based on “take a book, return a book” concept.  People can take a book to read and share, and it is encouraged to leave a book for someone else to pick up. La Habra Councilman Jim Gomez brought the Little Free Library to La Habra. “I got the idea from The St. Andrews Square Association, a group I work closely with in Los Angeles. The program has really taken off in that area of Los Angeles,” Gomez said. “I thought we need to do this in La Habra.” The books are free and according to the organization,  are based on the belief of sharing as part of a community. The idea that we are all part of a community and we can all help others enjoy the gift of reading. Gomez would like to sponsor six more Little Free Library locations around the city by the end of the year. The second free library is slated to be placed near the Gary Center. “I want to promote literacy in the community and encourage people to read,” Gomez explained.  “Most of my life I was not much of a reader. Now that I’m a old guy I realize how important reading is. I hope the project will bless our community.” Gomez explained that donated books and Bibles have disappeared from the box by anxious readers.

For more information contact Councilman Jim Gomez at: (714) 329-0365.

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