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Posted on 18 June 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Breanna Flores
La Habra Journal

The digital era has made buying furniture as easy as clicking a button—as long as you are willing to settle. Hector’s Furniture in La Habra  has offered customers custom furniture pieces for the past 50 years.


La Habra staple: The four Amezcua brothers feel their showroom and American-made furniture sold in La Habra has helped them to connect with the community for more than 50 years.

“Our store is different than a lot of stores are today, because they basically order things from china. If you get a sofa from there, it only comes in one color,” said Raul Amezcua, one of the four owners of Hector’s Furniture. Brothers Hector, Ernest, Al and Raul Amezcua purchase inventory from American manufacturers so that they can offer several different colors and fabrics to customers. “We can get it in any fabric you want. If you get a piece from China. They offer it in one color and you have to buy a boatload. Here, we can order one or two pieces,” Amezcua said. “We’re able to compete in a market where everyone is selling low-quality items, and we’re selling quality pieces,” salesman Mike Meseck added. Originally, Hector’s Furniture sold and manufactured mattresses, and gradually added furniture to the business. They later decided to discontinue manufacturing mattresses and eventually began focusing on furniture pieces. Today, customers can find custom furniture for homes and offices at a medium price range. The Amezcuas appreciate the location in La Habra. One of the ways that the business has maintained a competitive edge is by offering personalized pieces and making customers feel as comfortable as possible by eliminating the pressures of commission sales. Employees at Hector’s Furniture do not pressure customers to make fast purchases because they do not receive compensation based on how many items they sell. Amezcua said that mature generations prefer visiting furniture stores because they want to see it in person and try it out. Amezcua said that Hector’s has a special connection with the community of La Habra, Many of their customers are from La Habra—some are even multi-generational customers. “Most of our demographic are senior citizens, but as they move into nursing homes, they don’t need to buy furniture. But we do have multi-generational customers who come because their parents bought from us,” Meseck said. Amezcua and Meseck said that their goals at Hector’s Furniture store is to provide a good product at a good price with personalized service. One of the benefits of being located in La Habra is having faithful customers, according to Amezcua. He even shared that the police department occasionally stops by to “see how things are going.” One way the Amezcuas give back to the community is by supporting the Sonora High School and the La Habra High School athletic teams annually. “If we support anyone, they have to be here in La Habra,” Amezcua said. The brothers enjoy working together, but try not to work each other “to death.” They all get two days off every week to spend with their family. Home delivery is offered to customers, but financing is no longer available.

Hector’s Furniture store is located at 341 E. Whittier Boulevard. They can be reached at (562) 691-2289.

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