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Posted on 04 January 2013 by La Habra Journal

It’s that time of year again, time to make some resolutions for the new year. Here is a look at what resolutions some in our community are planning on keeping in 2013.

My major goal for 2013 is connecting with the folks in La Habra through my Mayor’s Community Hour. These hours will be held throughout the city at some of our local businesses such as banks, grocery stores, movie theatre, etc.
Rose Espinoza
Mayor, La Habra

1. To clean up my office so I have no more stacks on the floor and I can see my desk.

2. To finish the two quilts I started months ago, one of which HAS to be finished in January so it can be quilted in time to be auctioned off in June for a librarian scholarship fund.

3. To spend more time with friends and family.

4. To go to the Galapagos in the spring.

Jill Patterson
Branch Manager, La Habra Branch Library

My goal is to get re- elected and work with our new Council Members in the common goal of keeping our City in good financial health.
Brian Bergman
La Habra Heights Councilman

In 2012, I became a Cub Scout Den Leader when no one else volunteered. I quickly realized what a blessing this commitment would be to my soul. My New Year’s resolution is to help enrich the lives of these young boys and make their scouting experience as meaningful as possible.
Monika Koos
Former La Habra Housing/Redevelopment Manager

Enjoy the gift that is each day.
Stephen Blagden
La Habra Heights

We will continue to help improve the quality of life of individuals with disabilities, and at the same time, make more of an effort to support our fellow La Habra non-profits.
Jason Cecil
Director of Development, HBIC

I would like to see in 2013 a promotion for a city-wide awareness with respect to childhood obesity. This is obviously a huge problem. I am working on developing the La Habra Obesity Prevention Task Force. The goal of this task force is to implement sustainable policies and programs that will reduce and prevent childhood diseases.
Rebecca French
Owner, Elite Fitness
La Habra

My New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to work each day to provide the kids of La Habra a safe and enriched learning environment.
John Dobson
La Habra City School District Board member

Hoping to keep my boxing gym door open and develop another world champion. Also, finish a documentary on my life experiences with my military and boxing background.
David Martinez
Director, La Habra Boxing Club

I resolve to send at least one e-mail or make at least one phone call per day to either a state or federal elected official to let them know that we need our school district revenues restored to at least 2007 levels in order to meet the needs of our children in La Habra and all across the state of California. That means a combination of 365 e-mails, letters, and phone calls for 2013! I think all these folks need to hear the same thing over and over again so that they will begin to prioritize education for our young people, who will be the key to a healthy and robust economy in future years.
Sharon H. Brown
President, La Habra City School District Board

To help get another couple of hundred students from La Habra and Sonora High Schools into college
Fred Lentz
Director, Advance!

1. Work for peace and social justice. Also happens to be my birthday wish. Although there will be no peace with the little critters that destroy my front lawn! 2. Get more involved in my community 3. Avoid making left turns from La Habra Blvd. 4. Petition King Taco to open a restaurant in La Habra, driving to East LA is too far!

George Edwards

Candidate for La Habra Heights City Council

My resolution is to play catch with my boys more often.
Tim Shaw
La Habra City Councilman

My New Year’s resolution is to use the District Website and social networking services more effectively to communicate positive District messages with parents and the community. Susan Belanardo

La Habra City School District

To be more helpful and grateful to others.
Mark Sturdevant
President, La Habra Chamber of Commerce

Early to rise, saddle up and ride hard and meet the challenges each day presents. Inspired through the words of my Father-in-Law Tom Steves “ Just Get to Gettin’!” (get it done that is).
Liz Steves
La Habra City School District Board member

My New Years resolution is to bring greater awareness about the FRC so that all people in the community know that we are here to help and are available. We want all men, women, and teens to understand that they no longer have to feel alone or ashamed to seek help. We provide a family friendly environment and this is the one place they can come to where staff will listen and guide them. And it is my hope that this New Years resolution will provide many families and children with a brighter and prosperous New Year.
Helen Aceves
Manager, La Habra Family Resource Center

New Year’s Resolution is to strengthen the evaluation methods of our programs at The Gary Center.
Martha Lester
Executive Director at The Gary Center

My new year’s resolution is to make healthier meals for my family.
Peg Kelly
La Habra

my resolution is to do everything I can to help La Habra continue to be united as a community dedicated to helping each other improve their lives on a spiritual, financial, educational and physical health level.
Sandi Baltes
La Habra City School District Board member

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