Give a hoot…don’t put it out on the curb

As you drive around neighborhoods of La Habra you will often find many homes that have nice landscaping or signs that the owner takes care of and maintains it well. It’s something that makes the job of the Beautification Committee that much more difficult. It’s something that as a community, we can all appreciate. We can respect the time and effort someone puts into maintaining their yard (whether the work is done by them or by a gardener).

However, in spite of the work done by the proud homeowners, there are things that take away from our community by creating a distraction or minimizing the efforts of these yard workers. The things are items left on the curb in hopes of others to take. In nearly every neighborhood, you’ll see items left on the curb. These items can detract from the look of the homes in the neighborhood and not to mention anger your neighbors.

Before some of you who are reading this get offended, I’m guilty of this too. Last year we put a desk out on the curb. It was gone within two hours. I get the concept of how beneficial the idea of passing it forward could be to most people. I believe that knowing that someone can benefit from something I don’t need…. and I only have to walk it to my curb, is very appealing. However, I knew it was a desk, and in fairly good condition, which increased the possibility of someone using it. While I had quick success, I probably won’t do it again. It’s for the simple fact that it was out there a while and my neighbors might not have appreciated it.

The concern really comes into play when the item left on the curb isn’t something that will be taken quickly. Mattresses and box springs left on the curb will not be that attractive for the neighbors and most likely not move that fast from the curb. In one neighborhood, I saw a toilet sitting on the curb, and it sat there for a few weeks. I’m not sure who might be driving through a neighborhood in search of a used mattress (that is damp from the dew) or a replacement porcelain throne, but they are out there. So, what do you do when you have extra material that you want to get rid of? You call Waste Management. Residents of La Habra can call four times a year for bulk pickup. When you notify them, you take your unwanted item out to your curb on regular trash pickup day and wa-la! The item or items are picked up.

Also, if it is an item with a great potential to be reused, then you might consider donating it to a local organization like The Family Resource Center.

There are many items that could benefit a resource group, and thus help the community. I’m sure that if it is a substantial size, they will find ways to pick it up. Also, there are Goodwill Centers nearby that can accept items.

If you think you can make a little money from it, then consider a yard sale. They can be a lot of work, but can allow you to earn money you didn’t have off of products you don’t really want.

I’m not saying don’t get rid of your items, but rather consider the many options you have to effectively dispose of them.
When you clean out your homes, and have items to part with, consider what you want to do with the items…trash it, donate it or sell it. All will limit the time that your items will be sitting in front of your homes. It will allow the hard work in the front yards by residents to be seen and appreciated. It will also help to keep you in good standing with your neighbors and help keep for a great community.
—The Editor

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