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LH Girls Softball makes one at bat extra special

By Jay Seidel
La Habra Journal

La Habra’s Savannah De La Torre approached the plate last month. She saw the softball resting on the tee. She knew that this was her opportunity to show what she can do. With her mother behind her, she swung the bat and made contact. With the cheers loud in the background, it time for her to take her walk around the bases.

The moment was something special. De La Torre is confined to a wheelchair and is only allowed a little bit of time to do her physical therapy.

Chris Taylor, coach of the 6U team that Savannah’s sister is a member, asked De La Torre’s mother to have Savannah wear the La Habra 6U jersey number 72 and have Savannah be the  last at bat, with her mom’s assistance.

The teams and gathered families cheered as Savannah’s parents helped her round the bases and make it home. Her sister and other players, giving her flowers and cheering her on, met her as she made it home.

La Habra Girls Softball Association showed that it was an organization focused on giving all girls a chance to enjoy the sport of softball.

Next year Savannah’s sister will be moving on to the more competitive 8U division, where they keep score and players pitch. Taylor knew this would be the final opportunity for Savannah to participate.

“Our goal for a league is to be better than others and to make precious and life lasting memories for all our girls,” Taylor said. “I know Savannah will never forget this.”


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