FITNESS: 4 Easy Workouts You Can Do in the Comfort of your Home

By Yilean Morales
La Habra Journal


The busy week is a stranger to no one and finding the time to make it to the gym on a hectic day can be quite the challenge. These four workouts were designed for beginners and are easy enough to do just about anywhere. In less than 15 minutes, you can get a good sweat in and feel an instant boost of energy to keep you going throughout your busy day!

The key to these workouts is keeping your heart rate up, intensity high, and your movements effective. All you need is some space, a timer, and your favorite jams to get you pumped up. Let’s begin!


Exercise #1: Jump Squats

The jump squat is an easy, high intensity workout that will really engage your entire body and get your heart rate going. To start, you want to perfect your squat position. You want to keep your head up, back straight, and feet about shoulder-width apart. Squat down as low as you can, keeping your bottom back and knees behind your toes. At the bottom of the squat, take a deep breath and exhale in an explosive jump up. Upon landing, go right back into your squat position and repeat.


Exercise #2: Mountain Climbers with Push Up

You will start in a push up position, keeping your back straight and supporting your weight on your hands and toes. Bend your knee in, one at a time, and bring them forward towards your hips. Keeping the intensity high, alternate each knee, bringing them in and straightening back out each time. If this is challenging enough for you, continue this for 30 seconds. For more of a burn, you can add in a push up in between every 8 mountain climbers.


Exercise #3: Ice Skaters

Ice Skaters are a personal favorite for getting the blood pumping and really sculpting the legs. You will start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, back straight, and creating a slight bend in the knees. You will alternate your jump from side to side, keep the knees at a bend, and bringing the opposite foot behind you. For example, you will jump to the right, bring your left foot slightly behind you, and touch the floor in front of you with your left hand. Repeat the same motion on the opposite side.


Exercise #4: Burpees

Starting with your feet shoulder-width apart, bring your body into a push up position, keeping your back straight. Bring your feet up so that they are placed right outside of where your hand is positioned. Arms up and jump up explosively, and as soon as your feet hit the ground go back down into a crouched position, and then straighten your feet back out until you are in the push up position again. Once you get the hang of the motion, repeat this entire movement.


We’re going to do each exercise for 30 seconds and then repeat them all 3 times, taking a 1 minute break between sets. I promise you by the end of your last set, you will be sweating!


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