Panthers slip past Heralds

By Yaresly Sanchez
La Habra Journal

A late inning run by the Orange Panthers sealed the fate for Whittier Christian as the Heralds tacked on a 6-5 loss on Wednesday.

The game seesawed between both the Heralds and the Panthers, as both teams switched leads throughout the course of the game.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, a wild pitch off of Whittier Christian pitcher Matthew Pritchard gave Orange a chance to get on the scoreboard once again to break the tie and claim a win.

Despite tacking on another loss, the Heralds managed to outscore the Panthers in hits (10-7), while tying 5-5 in RBI’s.

Despite only managing seven hits, the Panthers proved to have a strong offense early in the match when a double allowed Orange two runs in the bottom of the first inning.

The top of the third inning took a turnaround when Pritchard got the ball rolling for the Heralds when he managed a single RBI.

But the Panthers weren’t afraid to answer back when fly ball allowed for the Panthers to stretch their lead to 3-1.

Whittier Christian third baseman Brian Greene set the Heralds up to change the pace of the game when he homered into left field, tacking on an RBI and tying the match 3-3.

In his four at-bats, Greene led the Herald’s with three hits and two RBI’s.

Whittier Christian dominated the plate in the fifth inning  when an error by the Panthers fielding allowed Pritchard to find first base before pitcher Wesley Ruiz doubled into left field to collect an RBI.

The Heralds were finding the right contact in the fifth inning when shortstop Joe Hernandez managed a single RBI to widen the point gap of the match.

Hernandez was another powerhouse for the Herald’s who also managed to make contact with the ball in two of his three at bats.

Heralds pitcher Chad Green took the mound for five innings, but after giving up three earned runs and achieving three strikeouts, Green was replaced by Ruiz in the sixth inning.

In attempts to tie the match, the Panthers took advantage of a wild pitch by Ruiz to score in the bottom of the sixth to bring the score 5-5

A pitching change didn’t seem to do much for the Heralds after Pritchard took the mound, allowing a ground ball and the Panthers a chance to take the lead.

The Heralds attempted to keep the scoring momentum in the top of the seventh inning, however, two players left on base before the umpire called the final strike sealed the victory for the Panthers.

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