New homes coming to North Harbor

By Jay Seidel
La Habra Journal

The La Habra City Council confirmed the Planning Commission’s approval of a developer’s plan to build seven new homes on a property that has been vacant since 1978.

Seven new homes will be built on the property on north Harbor Boulevard.

The triangular lot on North Harbor Boulevard, near the border with La Habra Heights, will accommodate seven houses and still provide an access road for Southern California Edison.

The Council approval was 3-0 (Councilmember Rose Espinoza was absent and Mayor Pro Tem Michael Blazey recused himself from the vote).

A handful of neighbors addressed their concerns regarding the increased noise and traffic along that part of Harbor. Also, neighbors of the project, like Dennis Copp, shared that they were concerned with privacy as some of the homes will be slightly higher due to the structure of the lot. He expressed the need for a greater traffic study on the impact of the development. Further, he added that there should be a line of site and a setback study. He argued that a 15-foot setback would help guarantee a clear line of sight for drivers coming onto or our of Harbor Boulevard.

La Habra Planning Manager Roy Ramsland shared that the city has worked with the developer, Pinnacle Residential, for two years on the project. The developer initially wanted to place 11 homes on the lot. However, the Planning Commission approved seven in order to allow for better spacing.

The city also worked with the developer to come up with an entry point on the southern end of the property in order to ease traffic concerns along the south side of the project.

City Engineer Chris Johansen said moving the entrance of the project to the southern part be based on sight line restrictions and on design speed of the roadway. He explained that he reviewed the accident history and its effect on the entrance to the development.

Ramsland added that there are some mitigation factors that requires the developer to analyze the wildlife inn the region prior to construction. He noted that if there are nesting owl or raptor birds, the construction would have to wait until nesting season is over.

Development of the property should start later this year.

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