LH council approves more money for construction

By Jay Seidel
La Habra Journal

With the construction projects of the La Habra Civic Center underway, city staff found that some areas needed additional funding.  The City Council approved an additional $1.7 million on enhancements to the various buildings in the projects.
The additional funding will include $685,000 at the new city hall. The improvements will include significant parking enhancements.
According to city staff, the existing parking lot lights will be replaced with new energy efficient lighting. In addition, a drive-through lane for customers to drop off USPS mail and city water bills will be constructed. Other improvements include the placement of two electric vehicle-charging stations in the parking lot and the installation of sufficient power conduits and outlets to allow for the use of the parking lot area for future civic events.
The La Habra Police Department will receive $475,000 in enhancements with the installation of bullet resistant glass along the exposed part of Euclid Street and an increase to the perimeter wall height from six feet to eight feet.  There will be further improvements to the parking lot to increase capacity and functionality and replacement of the existing outdated and underpowered emergency generator.
With the planned closure of Orange Street adjacent to El Centro/Lions Park, the city will apply $400,000 to widen Orange Street to accommodate straight in parking, expanding parking along the existing park parking lot, and creating a new parking lot on the south side of the Library, adjacent to La Habra Boulevard.
The source of the additional money will come from various sources.
• $1,301,000 from the General Capital Projects Fund
• $200,000 from the Gas Tax Fund (Since much of the enhancements have to do with parking and road fixes)
• $125,000 from Traffic Impact Fund
• $125,000 from the Water Fund

The $20.7 million La Habra Civic Center improvement project consists of improvements and construction related to six municipal buildings, including:
Relocation of La Habra City Hall and US Post Office, rehabilitation of the Veterans Hall Building, rehabilitation of the La Habra Historical Museum, rehabilitation roof repairs of the police department.
And construction of a 4,250 square foot addition to the Community Center to house the Women’s Club, the La Habra Art Association, and the Boy Scouts; and Rehabilitation and improvements to the Police Department.

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