There’s a lot more to the ballot this election

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but there is an election coming up.  There has a lot that has been said regarding the presidential candidates. It has caused tension in our country. So much so that some have said that because of the presidential candidates, they don’t feel like voting.  This is a mistake.
One of the greatest privileges we have in this country is the right to vote.  As citizens, we should exercise that right as much as possible.  The great thing about elections is we have the ability to vote for whomever we want.
Don’t not vote (yes, I know that is a double negative) because you are disheartened with the presidential candidates.  There are so many other people and propositions that have a direct impact on us on this ballot. Those are the items you should be looking for and looking to vote on.
For the first time in two election cycles (also known as four years), we are voting on city council members for La Habra.  As opposed to presidential candidates, these candidates have a lot of impact on our day-to-day lives. Roads, water, trash pickup, parks, recreation, city codes, are some of the things that the city council is responsible for.
The League of Women Voters held a live debate with the candidates for city council (they are holding one for La Habra City School Board members tonight) and it had some residents in attendance.  Taking off of the League’s efforts to let people hear from the candidates, I interviewed the council candidates and posted the video interviews to the La Habra Journal YouTube channel and to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Further, the link to the videos was shared on community Facebook groups.
The interviews are simple and just a few minutes long.  They were meant to help residents put a face to the name on their ballot and to hear something about them in their own words.
Interestingly enough, posts about good local street taco vendors (of which I am excited about) and T&S Burgers received more comments and discussion than the video interviews of the city council candidates.
Again, I know this election cycle has really changed the way we look at politics in America.  However, that shouldn’t be something to deter you from researching and voting for who will help guide your city.  I encourage you to research the candidates so you can vote with knowledge and confidence in your picks for city council.
I will be posting my interviews with the candidates running for La Habra City School Board soon.  These candidates will have a direct impact in shaping the city’s school district as they will be tasked to hire the new superintendent.  So, yet another local race for us to pay attention to and learn about the candidates.
So, whether the presidential election has got you disheartened or motivated, be sure to get out and vote for our local elected positions. It really is a vote for you, your neighbor and your community.
Now, if you will excuse me, I have to get back to digging through the massive book with all this year’s propositions listed.

Check out the interviews at:

—The Editor

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