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Local engineer,writer fulfills dream and publishes first novel

By Naomi Osuna
La Habra Journal

A dream has been achieved for one La Habra resident.
Rich Schiesser completed his first novel and will be at Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Fullerton on July 17 for his book signing.

Local author: La Habra based author Rich Schiesser just completed his first novel, "Shattered Hearts."  He will be signing copies of his book July 17 at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Fullerton.
Local author: La Habra based author Rich Schiesser just completed his first novel, “Shattered Hearts.” He will be signing copies of his book July 17 at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Fullerton.

Not a stranger to publishing, Schiesser has written the first and second editions of “IT” (Information Technology) Systems Management, which has been used as a technical handbook, management reference guide, and college textbook, and is in use at over 20 universities worldwide. He is also the co-author of best selling “IT Production Services.”
“As gratifying as that was, my dream was to always write a novel, a work of fiction and that is what lead me to ‘Shattered Hearts’,” Schiesser said.
His novel, “Shattered Hearts” makes his first venture into the world of fiction and his first official novel.
The move to write a novel just seems right for Schiesser.
“Once I had the story, I felt the story was something I hoped could be published,” he said. “I wanted to share this story with other people.”
The story follows the lives of three very different Atlanta families whose lives intersect and collide in violent and unexpected ways.
One is a middle-class family struggling with the challenges of raising two teen-aged sons who are far apart in age, temperament and needs. Another is a law enforcement family with surprising conflicts of its own. The third is a family of bikers ruthlessly focused on growing their drug business to teens, no matter the costs.
The intertwining of these very diverse lives is an emotional drama with surprise twists that ultimately renews a reader’s faith in the human condition.
“It has topical topics, contemporary topics, such as, the challenges of raising two teenage boys, the temptation of drugs, the threat of gangs,” Schiesser explained. “There are a lot of topics I think a lot of people could relate to today.”Author_Book
While writing the novel Schiesser said he faced many challenges and sought help from non-fiction experts.
He explained that he went to some book festivals and reading festivals. He attended clinics on how to write a book, how to finish a book.
He explained that they would have all these inspirational slogans and sayings. He said that there were two that really stuck with him and helped him finish the novel.
“One of them said, ‘first get it written then get it right’,” Schiesser explained, “In other words, don’t worry about the first draft being perfect, because if you worry about it being perfect, you would never finish the first draft.”
The second one was, “if you wait for inspiration, you are not a writer, you are a waiter.” That was one of the challenges he faced, but also finding the time to do it and having too many words.
“You don’t need that many, you can say it in half, and that makes it more enjoyable for the reader,” he said.
Schiesser, an engineer by trade said that he has always been writing or been around good writers.
“I always wrote technical papers and I received good reviews,: he explained.
He explained that his sound foundation in writing was built while he was in high school.
“I went to a high school that really emphasized English, grammar, and spelling,” he said. “It gave me an appreciation for good writing.”
He explained that he then wrote some technical articles that were published and eventually wrote a technical book that was also published.
However, writing a novel was always on his mind. As a ‘technical guy’ he know that he was able to write a technical book. But he wondered, could he write a book of fiction?
Stepping out of his comfort zone has proved to be a success for Schiesser.
“I’m really pleased with how it turned out,” he said.
For those considering taking the first step and writing their own books, Schiesser passes along some advice and happily shares what he learned from others.
“First get it written, then get it right,” he said. “Don’t worry about it being perfect the first time, make it through the end, and don’t wait for a bolt of lightning of inspiration to come to you. Just sit down and roll up your sleeves and put your fingers to the keyboard, and write about things you know.”
To learn more about this local author, log onto his website www.rwsai.com
To meet him in person and get your book signed, Rich Schiesser will be at his book signing at :

Barnes & Noble Bookstore
1923 W. Malvern Ave,
Sunday, July 17
from 3 – 6 p.m.

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