LH Art Walk is a picture of success

By Kelsey Hutchison
La Habra Journal

People escaped the heat and ventured out to enjoy a little bit of art and community in La Habra.
The La Habra Business Connection and the La Habra Art Gallery co-hosted the first La Habra Art Walk last Saturday evening at the Imperial Promenade.

Jay Seidel/La Habra Journal Art appreciation: People enjoyed viewing the many art pieces on display at the first La Habra Art Walk last Saturday at the Imperial Promenade.
Jay Seidel/La Habra Journal
Art appreciation: People enjoyed viewing the many art pieces on display at the first La Habra Art Walk last Saturday at the Imperial Promenade.

Two previous attempts to introduce the event to the community were hampered by unexpected events and a rainstorm.  To organizers, the new event was a tremendous success with a good turnout by the public.
“The third time’s a charm,” said Michelle Bernier, one of the committee members responsible for the success of the event.
All proceeds from the artwork purchased will go toward the Children’s Museum at La Habra and the La Habra Youth Committee.
“We want to showcase local art and artisans, and give La Habra exposure to put the arts back out there,” Bernier said.
She explained that one of the main motivating factors for creating the event is to raise money so that children with Autism and special needs can have a day that they can just be themselves and enjoy a day at the LH Children’s Museum with their families.
Some of the art on display between the Chipotle and the Corner Bakery was created by several local children.
Each piece on display had a description of the artist who created it, where the artist is from, how long the piece took, and what materials were used.
Bernier partnered with Imperial Middle School PTA President, Suzanne Michele to coordinate the art and to help put the event together.
A watercolor station was set up  for the children so they could paint and keep busy while the adults visited each station.
For many who attended, a highlight of the event was the work exhibited by local artist Rowan D. Harrison.  LHJ 2015
Harrison, a pottery and ceramics artist, displayed colorful pottery and functional ceramic ware that were all handcrafted and hand-painted.  He also teaches classes for adults and children at The Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton.  The Center offers after school programs for children.  Harrison said, “Each piece is a creative journal.  I like to tap into my Native American culture and show people my culture through the artwork I have created and displayed here today.”
The La Habra Art Association had a booth to promote an upcoming exhibit featuring the contemporary work of several local artists.   The exhibit, called “LHAA 60 Years and Beyond,” is curated by Timarie Santana and Luz Spanks, and will be on display from September 5-30 at the La Habra Art Gallery 215 N. Orange Street in La Habra.  The exhibit will include photographs, memorabilia and other articles that chronicle 60 years of local art history.  For sponsorship opportunities, call (562) 691-9739.
The Children’s Museum in La Habra will be holding the 23rd Annual Gourmet Guys – Raise Bread for Kids fundraiser on October 18, 2015, from noon to 3:00 p.m.  at the La Habra Community Center.
Steven Montes, an outreach and volunteer coordinator for the museum, said, “We will be displaying a community art piece that we have been working on where children will trace their hands and it will be displayed at the museum.”  The fundraiser will also include amazing activities for children and adults, according to Montes.
The success of this year’s La Habra Art Walk will hopefully lead to another great event next year.  Talks are underway about moving the location to a larger venue and having music by local artists and food trucks.  The city looks forward to encouraging the work of its local artists with another fun-filled night of beautiful art and activities for all ages.
Bernier said all artists and art are welcome to participate in next year’s event.  Any questions regarding displaying artwork or opportunities to volunteer, please contact Michelle Bernier at (562) 458-3028 or find LHArtWalk on Facebook.

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