La Habra should embrace art

American author and poet Henry David Thoreau said, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”
This sentiment should inspire the creativity and the aspiring artist in all of us.
Artist Pablo Picasso further acknowledged our capacity for creativity when he said,   “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
This being said, art should be something we all contribute to and take part in. However, our community seems to struggle with developing its arts and cultural scene.
We are lucky to have an amazing place like the Children’s Museum to help inspire the creative minds of our children.  Buses with kids from school districts all over Southern California enjoy the museum.
However, citing Picasso’s challenge, when we grow up, where can we go in our community to ignite our own creativity, appreciate the work of artists and enjoy some culture?
Recently, the La Habra Business Connection, and in particular Michelle Brenier, initiated La Habra’s first Art Walk.  This event that allowed people to experience various types of art, was focused on helping to provide an outlet for local artists, children and adults alike.  Further, it was to generate an appreciation for art in general.
In addition to the Art Walk, the La Habra Art Association is opening a new exhibit that highlights the past 60 years of the association’s work and exhibits.
The annual Hillcrest Arts Festival in La Habra Heights is a well attended event that showcases art of all types and draws visitors from all over the surrounding area.
Further, other forms of art are working to be appreciated by the community.
In performances, Mysteryum Theater has been putting on a variety of shows at the historic Depot Theater and working to revitalize the theater and performances in La Habra’s central area.
While the Art Walk, the Art Association and Depot Theater are great vehicles in which to help bring art and culture to our community, there needs to be more effort made to help the La Habra community build its art and culture.
More outreach to the high schools (all three) and the middle schools (all three) should be done to cultivate young artists.
The Art Gallery should invite more artists to showcase and discuss their work. However, before this happens, more support, both financial and volunteer help, should be given to the LHAA by the city and by the community as a whole.
Businesses like restaurants, that can work as venues, should look to see how they might invite artists to their locations.
And finally, more effort needs to be placed on promotion and marketing.  If there’s an event held and nobody knows about it, is it really even worth it?
La Habra has the potential of growing its art community and really having something that could inspire future artists and make us all proud.
—The Editor

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