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LH Heights ranked Top 10 safest city in the state

By Shanin Thomas
La Habra Journal

(Link added)La Habra Heights – According to a recent analysis, the city of La Habra Heights was ranked tenth on the list of safest cities in California.
The analysis, created by ValuePenguin which is a website that provides visual tools to explain data and research, included the most recent Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Crime Report to determine the safety of California cities. Heights Landscape BW
La Habra Heights is ranked seventh in cities ranging in population from 5,000 to 20,000, ultimately ranking 10th overall.
In order to efficiently rank over 400 California cities, the data collected involved property crimes, like burglary or arson, and violent crimes, like murder or assault.
Almost 100 years ago the city of La Habra Heights was simply an avocado grove. Gradually it has become a charming, secluded area of unique residences.
“It gives me great pleasure knowing that the city of La Habra Heights is recognized as one of the safest cities in California,” said Michael Higgins, La Habra Heights mayor. “The report is only one of the confirmations that the city is moving in the right direction. Our city can never be too safe.”
La Habra Heights does not have sidewalks, curbs, or street lights and most residents often feel comfortable enough to decide not to lock their doors.
Real estate agent and longtime resident, Jan Fiore, said that this may be the exact reason why the city is safe.
She said that the combination of no streetlights, curbs, or sidewalks does not seem inviting to criminals.
“This is not a place where criminals want to be because they cannot get in and out quickly,” she said.
Most residents living within the La Habra Heights boundaries stay for a long amount of time.
Additionally, no two homes in the city of La Habra Heights are the same.
“You can create whatever you want,” Fiore said. Basketball courts, large gardens, horse stables, or anything else a residence may want can be allotted in a home in La Habra Heights, while still being near major cities, schools, and shopping centers.
Higgins and La Habra Heights’ council members said they try to prevent problems within the city before they happen. Still, the mayor believes it is not just one organization or individual that has created such a safe environment.
Organizations, council members, city managers, and volunteers are all accredited to maintain public safety and the quality of living in this unique city, he said.
“It takes good city management and good residents combined. Without everyone working together it does not happen and we are fortunate to have this combination of people,” Higgins said.
Kyle Miller, La Habra Heights Mayor Pro Tem, said that he and the council members tackle their goals of public safety on a day to day basis.
Because the council members have set such high goals, this is not the first time the city of La Habra Heights has been listed as a top city.
According to the California Policy Center, La Habra Heights was named one of the least financially stressed cities in California last year.
Higgins also said that he will be receiving an award on behalf of the city’s accomplishments from the Joint Powers Insurance Agency (JPIA) due to its limiting liability.
He said he is personally satisfied and proud to have accomplished these honors.
“We all try to make this the best place to live,” Higgins said.

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