LH Boys & Girls Club hosts menudo Brunch

By Sarah Negrete
La Habra Journal

Members of the Boys and Girls club Saturday held a fundraising menudo brunch to send 15 teens to the American National Keystone Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

This conference allows teens to travel and interact with other teens to learn leadership skills and participate in community service, as well as visiting amusement parks and attend other workshops related to being involved within different communities.

Executive director Mark Chavez has worked with the Boys and Girls club of La Habra for 13 years, and has helped these teens organize the fundraiser in hopes of sending at least six to eight kids on the trip to Georgia this year.

“Being able to do these workshops and meet so many other teens is a great learning experience for them,” Chavez explained. “Last year nearly 2,000 kids across the nation went to the conference, which motivates members of the Boys and Girls club recruit their friends and spread information and excitement for the Keystone Conference all through word of mouth.”

The menudo brunch was just one of the many other ways the Boys and Girls club has raised funds for the highly anticipated conference. Menudo was bought from local restaurant Senor Campos and was served to guests who came to the event by members of the club themselves.

Most members of the club attend Sonora or La Habra High Schools, and enjoy volunteering as much as possible and strive to work within the community to bring awareness to their fundraising efforts in hopes of attending this year’s conference.

“I went to the Keystone Conference last year in Fort Worth, Texas and hope to go again this year,” said Katie Nunez, Keystone Leadership Club member for 4 years. “Last year we sent seven kids out to Texas, and I was one of them. I had a lot of fun meeting so many different people from across the country, and we all came together to strengthen our leadership skills, and participate in a lot of workshops in group efforts.”

California State University, Fullerton student Amber Villasenor heard about the fundraiser and brought her family along to support the club members.

“I am a K-1 leader at this Boys and Girls Club facility, and I think it’s great that the club members are doing this fundraising for the conference, I definitely wanted to try the brunch out,” Villasenor said.

Teens ranging from 14-18 years of age can join the club and are welcome to help with fundraising and participating in the activities the club organizes. All volunteer work is appreciated and encouraged to give these teens a chance to broaden their learning horizon. For more information, visit or call 562-691-2413.


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