Something worth catching

It has been mentioned before in my commentaries, but it’s worth repeating. There is so much that can be done in this community to help it continue to grow, develop and prosper.  However, it depends on each of us to do something.
As you can read in this issue about the new mariachi group that was created at Washington Middle School. It soon spread to include Sierra Vista. Now Ladera Palma is looking to join and there is discussion to bring in Arbolita and its students in the dual immersion program into the group.  There is currently a waiting list of students who want to join the group.
This group was started from a single conversation and an interest by Washington Principal Mario Carlos and community member Jose Luis Rodriguez.  That’s it.  That’s what started this snowball rolling.  Rodriguez, who has been retired, is directing the group because he feels that he wants to give back to the community that has given him and his family so much.
That attitude needs to be contagious.
The story continues about how Carlos reached out to the Boys and Girls Clubs for help to get the instruments for this venture. Little did Rodriguez and Carlos know that the feeling of helping and community activism is contagious.  Danny and Cindy Singer of Singer Music provided all of the instruments for the mariachi group.
None of them do this for personal accolades or for “bragging rights” about what they did. They do it to help children and provide something for the community.
This is just one example.  Over the years in the LH Journal we have tried to highlight the efforts and actions of people in the community who have given back and done things for others in the community and worked to make our home better.
This needs to continue.
La Habra just shared the State of the Community. Unfortunately it only had a limited mention on Page 1 because of the deadline for this issue to get to the printer.  However, the community is strong, and it can be stronger through more people getting involved.
Freedom House Church has taken another step to reach out and help the community.  Volunteers from the church went out to help clean and repair a home on the corner of Walnut and Fourth Street that had fallen in disrepair because of the health of the homeowner.  The homeowner isn’t a member of the church, but rather just a member of the community who needed a little help.
Like the previous example, they didn’t do this for accolades or praise.  They did it to help better the community in which they live.
We have shared stories of how Randy McMillian and other members of the La Habra Host Lions continue to give back and help the community.  McMillian started the program where Lions Club members go out once a month and help clean up and repair a home where the homeowner could use some help.
There are always community events and fundraising activities in La Habra that help generate funds to continue to allow people and organizations to give back and help others.
This all stems from people caring about their community and getting involved.
On another level and definitely worth mentioning, community members in La Habra Heights got together to cause some dialogue and a ballot measure about something they feel could become an issue in the city, new oil drilling.
This became a conversation in the city because people care about their community.
The existence of this publication comes from residents who cared enough about the community to create a vehicle in which to share the stories of the great things that people do in our community.  It’s just another example of what people can do to better their areas.
La Habra has continued to grow and evolve over the years.  The community has grown and continues to get stronger.  The evidence of it truly being a caring community is evident through the actions of residents who continue to make it better.
The strength and growth of the community is dependent on the interest and effort of its members. I truly hope the attitude of Jose Luis Rodriguez is contagious and I hope we all continue to catch it. It’s up to us to continue to improve La Habra and we need to get started today.
—The Editor

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