PHOTO CONTEST: Getting a different look of our community

There’s something great about photography. Photos can really capture the essence of something and freeze it in time. You can look at the photos on display at the La Habra History Museum and get a glimpse back in time. You can look at your own family photos and recount memories at the time when that photo was captured.
In order to help capture some different perspectives of our community, we launched the community photo competition. This is a way for YOU to share some perspectives of La Habra and La Habra Heights. We have been getting some really great submissions. We are extending the deadline for entries to April 15. Yes, that’s tax time. But perhaps taking some great photos in the community will help be a stress reliever.

Aside from bragging rights for winning or placing in the competition, entries will also:

Receive a ribbon and certificate

Be published in the La Habra Journal

Be part of a display at the La Habra Art Gallery in early August

And other cool prizes.

The idea is to help people see different sights of the community and share them with our readers.

There are various levels of the submissions.  They range from elementary school, junior high/middle school, high school and adults.
Fliers are being sent to the schools to help encourage children in the community to get involved in the contest.  Of course adults from all levels of experience are encouraged to enter as well.

The concept for the contest is simple.  Take photos that fit into the following categories:

Landscape/Nature – Images capturing flora, fauna, landscape highlighting natural elements in our cities.

People/Portraits – Images that capture the human element of life in our communities. Can be single person or multiple people that help illustrate the community.

Life in La Habra and Life in La Habra Heights – Open category that captures the look and feel of each of the two cities. Submission will be for each city in the category.

Photos will be judged on: theme, composition and personality.

Submit no more than TWO entries per category via email to:

You should include name, city of residence, whatever you are entering and some information about the photos(s) you are submitting

As stated before, the idea of this contest is to get the community involved and help become  a part of showcasing our community.  Let people see the various sights that make up La Habra and La Habra Heights.
So head out and explore the cities.  Take a look at some of the unique aspects that make up our community and photograph it.

Good luck!

—The Editor

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