La Habra turns on third well, saves money

By Jay Seidel
La Habra Journal

The final production and powering up of La Habra’s third water pump occurred late last month. The well, located at Portola Park, marks the completion of the city’s water pump project. The city added two pumping wells in just under two years.
The third pump will produce 1,200 gallons of water per minute. With all three of the city’s wells pumping (Portola, La Bonita, Idaho), La Habra will produce approximately 3,400 gallons per minute from the La Habra Basin.
This amount accounts for approximately 40 percent of of La Habra’s overall water usage.
“The wells benefit the City and its residents in several ways,” said Rob Ferrier, La Habra’s assistant city manager.  First, they provide La Habra with greater water independence, relieving our need to import as much water from Metropolitan Water District,  which is, much more expensive than what it costs to pump ground water.”
While residents might not see much of a decrease in their water bill, the city will no see a significant savings by not having to purchase water from other water districts. This savings will go back into the operational budget of the city and fund the city’s other expenses.
Ferrier added that the wells also provide La Habra water customers a degree of rate security they otherwise might not experience.
“The wells don’t necessarily mean La Habra will never again look to Metropolitan Water District for some of its water, particularly during the hot summer months, or that water rates will never go up, but they do give the city and its residents a measure of relative stability.,”
That stability has long-term value and for that reason the choice to invest in our wells and water delivery system was an easy decision for the City Council.
The total cost of the Portola well and pump was $3.2 million

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