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Measure A rejected, Francis and Williams return

Posted on 12 March 2015 by La Habra Journal

La Habra Heights city council incumbent Jane Williams defeated challenger Alex Villanueva by a total of just 19 votes for the final council seat, according to the city manager nearly a week after election day. Roy Francis
On Monday morning, six days after the March 3 elections, 130 votes remained uncounted. Williams, leading the race by 74 votes, was not ready to accept her nomination to her first election. She was appointed, not voted in, as a council member back in 2013. But this time around, City Manager Shauna Clark confirmed at 11:30 a.m. the same day, after counting provisional and other unconfirmed ballots, that Williams won her first election. She had previously been appointed to the council in 2013 to finish the term of Howard Vipperman, who had resigned after moving from the city.
Williams, who gained 32.7 percent to Villanueva’s 32 percent of votes cast, could not be reached for comment for this story.
On election night, councilmember Roy Francis attained the most votes and watched as the results for Williams and Villanueva inched closer together.
“It was close,” Francis said. “[Villanueva] came from behind, and he was down about 60 some-odd votes.”
Francis won 35.3 percent of the ballots cast, garnering 1,030 votes.
“Residents feel I’m trying to do what’s best for the whole community,” Francis said about why he thinks he won re-election. “I put health over money. I’m very humbled that the people put me back in office. Whether you voted for me or not, I still will work hard and do what’s best for the residents of the community.”
A total of 2,921votes were cast for the candidates out of a total of 3,799 registered voters in the city.
Measure A, or the Healthy City Initiative, was defeated; the controversial ballot question only gained 43 percent of the 1,863 votes cast for the measure.
The initiative was drafted by the Heights Oil Watch group, and it attempted to halt any attempts at allowing Matrix Oil to drill up to 30 new oil wells at 2490 Las Palomas Drive in La Habra Heights.J Williams
“Matrix has to restart their application. As far as we are concerned, it is on hold,” Clark said.
Matrix placed the Environmental Impact Report on hold prior to the election in order to wait for the results.
Francis and Villanueva supported Measure A, while Williams ran against the initiative, fearing the unintended consequences of what her and other council members described as a broadly written document.
Alex Villanueva attempted to enter the fray at city hall with hopes to knock out either Williams or councilman Roy Francis, running on the idea that the current state of affairs at city hall is unacceptable while budgets remain a mess and are in need of cleaning up.
“Our budget doesn’t communicate anything. It is very convoluted, and you got to read through it carefully before you realize we are in the red for this year,” Villanueva said after the League of Women Voters question and answer forum last month.
LH Heights residents surged to the voting polls this spring, ignited by the ongoing Matrix Oil drilling proposal and the initiative on the ballot attempting to stop the company from drilling on the property owned by the So. California Gas Co.
Clark attributed the almost week long delay to some uncertainty in the votes cast.
“People come into the polls to vote but no name is on roster. They are given a provisional ballot. Then the Registrar of Voters is asked to check why the name is not on the roster,” Clark said. “Sometimes the person is registered to vote and sometimes they just think they are registered. Bottom line, it takes a couple days after the election to clear them all.”
Out of 3,799 voters 1,879 residents turned out to vote. Or 49.5 percent of registered voters cast a ballot this spring.
“We had a very good turnout, almost 50 percent,” Francis said about the turnout before attributing the public interest to Measure A.

By Daniel Hernandez/ La Habra Journal

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LHPD launches social media outreach program

Posted on 12 March 2015 by La Habra Journal

The La Habra Police Department announced the premiere of their new smart phone app, LHPD Connect, at the last city council meeting on March 2.  LHPD PAtch
The idea to invent an app surfaced over a year ago when Police Chief Jerry Price decided he wanted the police department to be more connected with the community through social media.  LHPD currently has a Facebook page, a Twitter page and the app, which can be downloaded through both iOS and Android.
“Our goal is to have an updated platform with which to communicate with the community,” said LHPD employee David Gonzalez. “Communication is shifting towards social media, so that’s where we’re going.”
Features of the app include news updates, alerts, crime maps, opportunities to send in anonymous tips, video and links to the Facebook profile and city communication website.  The app also features positive stories in policing and links to similar stories on the Behind the Badge OC app.
“The app is another way for people to connect with us,” said Gonzalez. “The Facebook page already has a very positive community feel to it. We are hoping for the same with the app.”
While the app focuses mainly on news and alerts within the city, the LHPD’s Facebook and Twitter accounts go a little more in depth with communication.
Newcomers to La Habra with inquiries about the nearest DMV or doctor’s office get their answers from the LHPD Facebook page.
The page also advertises upcoming events with the police department, such as the Saturday morning “Coffee with the Cop” event. This is an opportunity for the community to casually approach the police officers about questions or comments related to the city.  The next one will take place Saturday, March 21, from 8 a.m.-10 a.m. at the Starbucks on Harbor and La Habra Boulevard.
The police department has a new phone number: (562)383-4300 to be used for any official business matters.

By Taylor Engle/La Habra Journal

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LH Center looking to raise awareness through walking

LH Center looking to raise awareness through walking

Posted on 11 March 2015 by La Habra Journal

The La Habra Life Center will be hosting its second annual Walk for Life fundraiser on March 28.

Last year, a group of the nonprofit organization’s volunteers were inspired to create an event that would encourage members of the community to help pregnant women who are unsure of their options.
“The volunteers thought they should create a way to raise awareness and funds for mothers in crisis pregnancies,” Mecki Grothues, director of the La Habra Life Center, said.
Approximately 300 participants registered for last year’s walk and Grothues is confident that the number will increase by 100 this year because of the enthusiasm expressed by several local youth groups.
The Walk for Life reached their goal of $5000 last year. “We were surprised we got it,” Grothues said.
The organization’s goal was achieved by a combination of the events t-shirt sale profits and donations. This year, Grothues said she would be happy raising the same amount.
Although lunch will not be offered to participants this year, water, cookies and other snacks will be provided.
The easiest way to register for the event is at, but there will also be an opportunity to register on the day of the walk at Our Lady of Guadalupe beginning at 8 a.m. T-shirts can also be purchased for $10 either online by March 15 or in person on March 28.
A mini-walk, 4K and 5K option is available to accommodate a variety of ages and fitness levels. Walking routes are slightly different from last year, but all routes will begin and end at Our Lady of Guadalupe church located at 900 W. La Habra Blvd.
In addition to free pregnancy tests and counseling services, the La Habra Life Center also supports women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant by providing mothers with essential items. Mothers can visit the clinic to receive a layette gift bag containing baby clothes, lotions and diapers.
Grothues encourages all pregnant women or women who suspect they are pregnant to visit the Life Center to review their options and to receive help at no cost.
“We understand that in the beginning it’s very [embarrassing],” she said. “We are here for you, we are your friend. Take it day by day, one day at a time.”
Income documents are not required to receive services and patient information is kept confidential.
There are no registration fees and a donation is not required to participate in the Walk for Life.

Walk of Life
March 28
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church


By Brianna Flores/La Habra Journal

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LH Club awards youth of the year

Posted on 11 March 2015 by La Habra Journal

La Habra High School Senior Carrera Vilaubi was named the “Thomas A. Sauer” Memorial Youth of the Year for the Boys & Girls Clubs of La Habra on January 29 at the La Habra Community Center.B&G Club yoy
The award is the highest honor any Boys & Girls Club member can achieve. Carrera will now compete at the Orange County level on March 27 with the Orange County winner being announced that evening.
“The Club is proud of Carrera, not just for earning the award, but how much she has accomplished during her nine years as a member and all of the hard work that she puts into her Club,” said Pat Favela, program director.  “Carrera attends the Boys & Girls Clubs daily and is always looking to make a positive impact on our younger members.”
For earning the La Habra Youth of the Year honor, Carrera receives a $1,000 scholarship. The state winner will receive $10,000 and at the national level the award is $50,000.
Carrera is a Senior at La Habra High School and holds a 3.3 gpa and plans to attend either the University of Montana or Cal Berkeley.
“It has been really fun to see Carrera grow as a person, she has really become a great leader amongst her friends,” said Crystal Cisneros, teen services coordinator. “You can tell her friends respect her opinions.”
Other significant award winners were as follows; LHHS senior Diana Gonzalez was selected as the “Warren Kraft Character” Award Winner, Fellow LHHS senior Vincent Avelar was selected as the “Sportsmanship Award” winner and Freshman Jeffrey Perez earned the “Bill Graham Athlete of the Year” award.  LHHS Senior Natasha Favela earned the Keystone award.
The Youth of the Year program celebrates youth who have overcome enormous odds and demonstrated exceptional character and accomplishments.
These deserving young people are recognized for service to their club and community, academic performance and contributions to their family.
According to Patrick Favela,  the youth of the Year honorees are shining examples and living proof that great futures start at the Boys & Girls Clubs of La Habra.
For more information about Boys & Girls Club services, activities and programs, call the club at (562) 694-1805.

By Jay Seidel/La Habra Journal

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Keeping La Habra running for four decades

Posted on 11 March 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Brianna Flores
La Habra Journal

Cannon Photo

Muffler Man: Dan Cannon stands next to his black 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible inside of Cannon’s Muffler Service. Cannon has been working on customer’s cars in La Habra since 1975.

Nestled in next to Taqueria and across the street from Washington Middle School, Cannon’s Muffler Service has served the community of La Habra since 1975, thanks to dedication and a strong work ethic.
Before he opened a shop of his own, Dan Cannon worked at his father’s muffler shop since he was about 13 years old.
“That’s how I fell into this business. After I got out of school, I went to work and I’ve been working ever since,” Cannon said.
Cannon’s father agreed to help him open his first muffler shop on Whittier Boulevard, partially because rent was considered inexpensive at just $225 per month. Just 19 years old, he was determined to succeed – just as his father had.
Almost two years later, his father died of a heart attack at age 45.
“I lost my best friend,” Cannon said. “I had no one to ask how to do this, or how to do that. So it was like, swim or drown because my dad was gone.”
So he swam. And succeeded.
In 1995, Cannon moved from his first shop, one that only had two car racks, to his current location on East La Habra Boulevard.
Cannon’s Muffler Service is different from other automotive shops for a couple of different reasons. First off, it is a specialty automotive shop, focusing on exhaust systems only.
“I don’t do oil changes, I don’t do brake jobs,” said Cannon. “I don’t do what all these other muffler shops do. I’m fortunate that I can still make a living with one thing—exhaust only. It’s getting to be rare. You take any muffler shop and they’re basically a full automotive shop. It’ll say mufflers, but they’ll take in everything they can just to pay the bills because it’s getting tough.”
The automotive industry has changed immensely since Cannon first opened his doors. About two decades ago, automobile mufflers used to “rot out” and rust because they were built using steel and needed to be replaced every two to three years. Today, the industry has built a better product using stainless steel, which lasts much longer.
The second characteristic that distinguishes Cannon’s Muffler Service from similar automotive shops is honesty and commitment to his customers.
“I’m just not a crook,” said Cannon. “When people leave here they feel like, ‘Hey, that guy’s honest.’ I want you to feel like you’ve got an honest answer. That’s what my dad taught me. If I can’t help you I’m going to send you to someone that can. To someone that’s not going to treat you like a piece of crap and take your money just because you’ve got a credit card.”
He recalls learning that bad news travels much faster than good news and operates his business based on that notion. Although each day varies, anywhere from two to five vehicles are serviced daily.
Years ago, muffler shops were considered “fix-it” shops that were capable of fixing or welding nearly every type of metal. For this reason, Cannon explained that a variety of vehicles, metals and machinery are taken to his shop.
“I had a guy come in with a gardening trailer. Sometimes you just can’t believe some of the stuff that comes through the door,” he said.
Cannon serves as the owner, manager and the only employee at his muffler shop, but once a week, his oldest son, Kyle, visits and helps out his father. Cannon is grateful that his business has allowed him to maintain a close relationship with his family, especially his sons.
Customers from cities as far as Riverside and occasionally loyal customers from out of state take their vehicles to Cannon’s Muffler Service while they are in the area visiting family members.
There was a time when he was unsure if he would succeed in running his own muffler business.
“In the end, I ended up making it,” Cannon said.

Cannon’s Muffler Service
711 E. La Habra Blvd.
La Habra, CA.
(562) 694-3319.

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Raiders take CIF basketball title

Posted on 11 March 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Erik Markus
La Habra Journal

The Sonora Raiders endured a slow first quarter to defeat Gahr High School and win the CIF 3AA Southern Section title, winning 66-54.LHJ Sonora CIF Finals 2015__2229_
The Raiders trailed by as many as nine points, but were propelled by a 16-0 run to surge past the Gladiators and secure the title.
Gahr scored the first six points of the fourth quarter, but the Raiders took over from there.
Down 51-44 with 6:45 left to play, the Raiders came out of the huddle with their sights set on victory, rather than a repeat of last years losing performance.
“We were about five minutes away from finishing it off,” Gahr High School head coach Ricky Roper said.
“We know exactly how Gahr feels, we’ve been through it. We all decided you know we’re not going to feel like this again,” Ben Rico said
Rico finished the game with 12 points and 14 rebounds and played the entire game.
Buckets by Rico and Ashaad Womack brought the Raiders within striking distance before Christian Rhodes tied the game at 51 with a three.
“I had no idea it was tied,” Rhodes said as he explained how difficult it was to see the score above their heads. “I looked up, I was like I just tied the game, we’re gonna win this right now. At that point I knew we were gonna get it.”LHJ Sonora CIF Finals 2015__0268_
Tied at 51 the Raiders steady defense allowed them to stretch their lead while keeping Gahr at bay. With a commanding lead and only a minute to go Josh Rodriguez and Rhodes sealed the game at the free throw line.
Rodriguez was the leading scorer with 16 points, eight coming in the fourth quarter.
“Some time in almost every game is going to be Josh’s time. He gets everybody involved, because we know that at any time in the game, he can do just about whatever he wants, he’s a special player,” Murphy said.
The game started with the two teams taking different approaches. The Gladiators started out red hot from behind the arc, knocking down 7-15 in the first half.
“That’s their game, they shoot about 40 threes a game, but at one point they hit 7 of 10,” Murphy said.
Meanwhile, Sonora committed to trading threes for twos.
The Raiders held a distinct size advantage, which allowed Steven Murphy to capitalize on both ends with 13 points, 13 rebounds and three blocks with no fouls.
“We couldn’t stay in front of those guards all the time and we were forcing them into Steven, and if he didn’t block the shot I think he altered almost every one of those shots,” Murphy said about his center.
Murphy was the Raiders’ most reliable target early in the game making all four of his shots. He finished the game shooting 6-8
“We can’t win a CIF championship without him, we got to have him in the middle, he anchors our defense and as you saw today, he was definitely the anchor of our team,” Murphy said.LHJ Sonora CIF Finals 2015__0830_
Womack bounced back from two early fouls to score eight of his 10 points in the third quarter.
“I had two early ones and I knew I had to help my team out more, so when I came out in the third, I just had to do my job, finish everything and that’s what I did,” Womack said.
“That was our game plan, give them the ball and let them finish,” Rhodes said.
The hot shooting Gladiators cooled off quickly and never seemed to snap back into form shooting 7-33 in the second half.
As the Raiders steady play continued they were able to gradually chip away. Kevin Marlow played all of the second quarter and added 3 threes in the second and third quarters.
Marlow came into the gym the week before in preparation for the game, which helped him feel comfortable shooting with this type of pressure.
“When you put a sophomore in, you never know what you’re gonna get,” Murphy said, “I was in the gym from 8:30 to 10 with him and he shot 2,500 shots. There’s a reason kids make those shots, not just a coincidence.
The Gladiators used a press the entire game, which is something the Raiders were unfamiliar to.
“We prepared for it all week and we were ready for their pressure and it showed in the outcome,” Rhodes said.
The turnovers were high, but between Rhodes and Rodriguez they were able to adjust to the pressure and move the ball effectively.
Sonora played a tough schedule in the preseason to pave the way for another run at a title, with 4 of 5 starters returning from last year’s team.
Experience from last year definitely came to the rescue, as the Raiders maintained a steady focus on inside scoring, and were able to persevere through the Gladiators hot shooting.
Rhodes especially benefitted from the experience, pushing through a rough beginning of the game.
“Junior year, if I’m having a bad game, it could take me out for the rest of the game and I’d be done, being a senior, being more confident I’m able to stick in there when I’m turning the ball over or something, I’ll come back and I’m ready for the next play,” Rhodes said.
The Raiders will keep this championship, but both teams will continue to play. Sonora plays Valhalla High School on Wednesday May 11 and Gahr will play El Cajon in CIF regional playoffs.

For a gallery of photos from the game, go to:

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Rohlfing, Kawaguchi battle in state tourney

Posted on 11 March 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Jay Seidel
La Habra Journal

Senior Russell Rohlfing became Sonora’s first wrestler to medal twice at the state tournament.

Two-time medalist: Sonora’s Russell Rohlfing stands to accept his sixth-place medal at the state tournament last Saturday in Bakersfield.  This is Rohlfing’s second consecutive year state medal.

Two-time medalist: Sonora’s Russell Rohlfing stands to accept his sixth-place medal at the state tournament last Saturday in Bakersfield. This is Rohlfing’s second consecutive year state medal.

Rohlfing, wrestling in the 126 pound weight class,  placed sixth in the state tournament held at the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield last weekend.
Junior Joshua Kawaguchi also made it to the state tournament for Sonora in the 132 pound division, but lost a consolation match against Citrus Hill High School.
Both wrestlers advanced to the state tournament after placing high at the CIF Masters Tournament February 28 in Ontario,  Rohlfing placed third and Kawaguchi took second place.
Senior Chance Lyster also competed (220 pound division) at the Masters Tournament, and reached Top 32 for the southern section.

“Words cannot explain how proud I am about both boys,” said David Carrizosa, Sonora head coach. “As a coach you ask for a lot to prepare for such a tough sport.  No complaining, No hesitation out of either one. It’s that selfless attitude that makes me proud to coach both these young men.”

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Chemistry is key for Lady Raiders’ season

Posted on 11 March 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Jessica Custodio
La Habra Journal

Although starting at a slower pace this season, Sonora High School girls’ head softball  coach Michelle Rodriguez is confidant that her team will succeed and bring something special to the table this current 2015 season.

Continued chemistry: Junior Shortstop Chelsea Purcell will help provide Lady Raiders Softball Team with leadership as they work to build off of last year’s successes and battle for a league title.

Continued chemistry: Junior Shortstop Chelsea Purcell will help provide Lady Raiders Softball Team with leadership as they work to build off of last year’s successes and battle for a league title.

“We have a lot of chemistry and are a very talented team individually,” said Rodriguez.
Rodriguez sees great potential with the team. She feels that every member on the team brings something great and fresh to the season; talent is brimming.
“I want them to get better, minimize errors,” she said. “Offensively we’ve been doing a really good job, but there is always room for improvement. I think we have a really good start, but at the end of the day, my objective is to fine-tune everything because our goal is make CIF and to be a great competitor in our league. So we just need to practice the way we play.”
Though the 19-girl team is great as a whole this season, there are a couple of key players who are bringing a new spark on the field. This season’s transfer student from La Serna High School is Madison Rodriguez. The junior left fielder  has become a great asset to the team and earned a spot as the lead-off hitter.
Also returning players including junior Chelsea Purcell, the shortstop, and senior Zoe Juarez also help bring the team up a notch.
“We have a couple of players [who] are great assets on the team, but I could honestly name all of them,” said Rodriguez.  “I can put one in and take one out, and it’s always great because I feel like we are very even everywhere. I am very fortunate that I am able to do that.”
There have not been many changes from last season to this season, but Rodriguez tells her girls “you start how you finish” and she wants them to do their best every game. She wants them to progress and to live up to their full potential, and she hopes that while the season progresses, they will do that.
“As long as they are able to stay with what they are able to do, then were going to be okay,” says Rodriguez.
The Lady Raiders (2-3) will take some time to practice and get ready for the weekend’s Whittier tournament on Saturday, March 14.
“I am looking forward to being a part of something special with this team,” said Rodriquez. “Every season is unique… and I’m hoping our dream and goals come true.”

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Herald baseball looks to build on success

Posted on 11 March 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Erik Markus
La Habra Journal

Whittier Christian Baseball looks to repeat the performance they put together last year thanks to improved depth.WC-Logo
The Heralds were able to make a run in CIF playoffs and finished in third in the Olympic league (17-13 6-6).
“All those teams bring out the best in all of us. We get better because of it, we’re looking to try and notch a league title and make a deep run at a CIF title,” head coach Brent Lavoie said.
Despite departures from their starting pitching staff and and the top of the order, the Heralds have been able to bring a deeper team with increased depth and speed in the lineup.
“We’ve got competition on the yard every single day. So in practice, guys are competing for jobs still. It’s a good healthy battle,” head coach Brent Lavoie said.
Last year’s team was led by Mike Rafter who led the pitching staff and anchored the top of the lineup as a senior.
This year, Cooper Hughes and Mike Rubio will be looked upon to not only lead the team on the field but off the field as captains.
Hughes will expand his role as the team’s primary catcher and will also toe the rubber.
Rubio will slide to shortstop after playing second and third last year.
Another unexpected departure from the team is Brian Rafter who would have been a junior this year, he’s traded in his baseball bat for a golf club.
The outfield which was anchored by Brian Rafter in centerfield will have a very different look.
Damon Holm and Christian Alvis-Labadie are two newcomers with opportunities to get regular playing time.
Isaiah Carreon would be the other holdover from last year’s team, but he broke his thumb on opening day, which should keep him sidelined for a few weeks.
The Heralds lineup will benefit from regular playing time from Brett Greene who is expected to play the entire season with the Varsity team after finishing the season with them last year.
Willy Ramirez will also have a chance to be an impact bat in the order and got off to a good start with a three run homer against Santa Ana Valley High School as the Heralds cruised to a 25-6 win.
For many of the Herald having simply played a season and gotten the experience from all of that while adding a year of growth should help them improve.
“You’ve got a lot of varsity experience, a lot of varsity starters that came back, Lavoie said, “Just that experience factor, I’ve been here, done that, now I’m ready to roll.”
This Herald’s baseball team will also have the benefit of a few transfers to go along with their new additions.
Josh Hernandez is a sophomore from La Mirada who bats left handed can play anywhere including pitcher and catcher and has speed.
Matthew Salas is expected to start at second base after he transferred from St Paul.
Jeremiah Moore transferred from Michigan and will play in the outfield.
With expectations high and plenty of experience from last season, the Heralds will have plenty of depth and talent to compete with the best in the Olympic League.

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Highlander golfers ready to tee off this season

Posted on 11 March 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Aaron Valdez
La Habra Journal

The La Habra High School boy’s golf team is excited to embark on another promising spring season.
Last season, the Highlanders were engaged in a tight race between Sunny Hills and Troy High School for league title. After the smoke cleared, La Habra finished in a much respectable 3rd place and 10th overall in their CIF
The biggest highlight of that season belonged to the team’s own, Mike Lascari for becoming the Individual League champion. It marked the first time in school history a Highlander broke a Sunny Hills’ 14 year win streak.
Coach Verdugo was and always will be proud of his team as he still looks to win that elusive league title. Now that the season is nearly underway, Verdugo firmly believes the boys can not only improve from last year’s results, but also play with pride and class whether it’s a win, lose, or draw.
The team has been working hard all school year long to prepare themselves for the road ahead. From late Aug. to Dec., Verdugo already had the team practicing two to three times a week in order to establish chemistry and polish their fundamentals. They have now begun to practice a full five days a week since the month of Jan.
Coming into this season, La Habra’s biggest strength is their depth according to Coach Verdugo. He currently has three seniors that are all playing at a high level. In addition, he also has three underclassmen, Mike Lascari, Ben Livesay, and Joe Egan whose skillsets can help the team snag some much needed victories.
Despite having such profound players on the team, Verdugo still wants to ensure each player provides a consistent effort in each match. When it comes to playing with the most confidence, the team seems to perform best on Westridge golf course since it is their go-to practice spot. Hacienda Golf club can also play in La Habra’s favor as both courses have been extremely kind to them.
As good as the La Habra boy’s golf program is, the school was lacking of a girl’s program. However, thanks to the perseverance of Verdugo, he has recently founded just that.
“I’ve been very blessed with great support from our Principal Dr. Zenner and our Athletic Director Mr. McCarrol in the creation of a Lady Highlander Golf Team. There is a huge need and opportunities for girl golfers at the collegiate level and it’s a great lifelong game that can help in their future business endeavors.” describes Verdugo.
Verdugo was glad to see a total of 20 girls with very little experience come out for the team and display their willingness to learn about the game. With only four girls having actual golf clubs, Verdugo claims he was very fortunate to have friends and family donate golf clubs to the program so that each girl had a set of clubs.
“Over this past year I have taught the girls the basics of the golf swing and the basic etiquette of the game.” adds Verdugo.
Now that the team is set, the Lady Higlanders will work diligently as their first official match will come next season. Coach Verdugo is looking forward to seeing the girls put their skills to the test and if the boys can edge out Sunny Hills and Troy for the league title.

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