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Raiders battle Warriors to win on the road

Posted on 18 January 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Erik Markus
La Habra Journal

In a physical battle between the Raiders and Warriors, Christian Rhodes’ 23 points pushes the Raiders to a 72-69 victory.

Sonora's Christian Rhodes' 23 points helped lead the Raiders past Troy Friday.

Sonora’s Christian Rhodes’ 23 points helped lead the Raiders past Troy Friday.

“I am so beat up. I’m so beat up, I was taking shots all game long, Rhodes said, “but it feels good, that we came out with a victory.”

The Warriors (11-8, 1-1) were led by Jason Choi, who scored 29 points, leading all scorers on the night.

While the Raiders (15-3, 2-0) maintained a narrow lead the entire game, it was their lackluster defense which allowed Choi and the Warriors to hang around.

“I found out tonight we can’t play defense, not even a little bit. Not even a little bit, they’re barely interested in guarding, all we try to do is score. Worst defense I’ve seen in 25 years,” head coach Mike Murphy said.

Choi scored 10 points in the first quarter but was scoreless in the second and had 15 points after three quarters.

But after Sonora stretched their lead to 10 points, heading into the fourth, Troy began to surge.

“We not only couldn’t guard them, they scored in four seconds. We didn’t even resist a little bit. There was no resistance there tonight. We were awful, we were horrible,” Murphy said.

Choi went to work, en route to 12 fourth quarter points from the foul line and inside the paint.Sonora basketball vs Troy January 16, 2015

But Christian Rhodes also was in the midst of a fine night.

“Christian Rhodes was fantastic, he was fantastic, he played really well,” Murphy said.

Rhodes however was taking a beating in the process.

“I’m gonna go home and nap,” Rhodes said about his postgame plans.

After Rhodes drew contact on a fastbreak, Troy was called for a technical foul.

Rhodes was three for four from the foul line before the fourth quarter, but knocked down seven of eight in the fourth alone.

Murphy added four points in the paint, but the rest of the Raiders 14 fourth quarter points came on free throws.

During the third quarter, with just a four point lead coming out of halftime, coach Murphy let Kevin Marlow and Jason McClung start the quarter, instead of Ashaad Womack and Josh Rodriguez.

Rodriguez struggled with foul trouble the entire game, and Murphy preferred Marlow’s defensive effort.Sonora basketball vs Troy January 16, 2015

“Marlow played really big, those are the only two guys, we just can’t guard,” Murphy said about Marlow and Rhodes, “that’s all we’re gonna talk about for the next couple weeks.”

“We have such a deep team, one player goes down, the next one will step up and that’s what happened today,” Rhodes said.

When Murphy put his starters back, it seemed like a different team.

“If you don’t play with effort you don’t have  a chance,” Murphy said.

Womack looked inspired, hedging on screens, providing good help defense and looking for rebounds.

“He played a lot harder in the second half,” Murphy said about Womack.

With the change in intensity, the Raiders were able to get out on the break, creating open shots for their guards.

In addition to his defense, Marlow knocked down two three-pointers for six of his nine points.Sonora basketball vs Troy January 16, 2015

“It was amazing, if he doesn’t have those threes, we don’t win this game,” Rhodes said. “he’s got a lot of promise in the future, and we’re really lucky to have him,”

Christian Rhodes added two threes as well, and Steven Murphy continued his activity down low with 19 points in the game.

“Steven Murphy has been playing better every game, he’s getting better and better,” Murphy said.

Matt Mickle scored 14 points but only three came in the second half.

The Raiders and Warriors were separated by 2 points after the first quarter.

Josh Rodriguez scored his only five points in the first quarter.

Ben Rico had nine of his 10 points in the first half.

The Raiders will head to Fullerton on Wednesday January 21 for their next game.

Sonora basketball vs Troy January 16, 2015

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LH set to launch cultural project

Posted on 17 January 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Jay Seidel
La Habra Journal

Over the centuries, communities have thrived on the development of their cultures.  In order to help enrich the lives of its residents, La Habra has continued to develop and build on its community. Print_LHJ Depot Theater Oasis_0022_
Last Saturday La Habra launched an Art Appreciation program in partnership with Oasis Center International.  The 10-week program will include visual and performing arts  and will be focused primarily at children and youth in the community.
“We need to help the youth in the community to aspire to greatness,” said Mark Sturdevant, president of the La Habra Chamber of Commerce.   “Oasis International has the foundation to make that happen.”
Courses in children’s theater, journaling, painting, tap dancing and architectural design are scheduled for the community.
“ The mission of Oasis is to inspire a generation of youth to fulfill the highest level of life achievements’  and discovery of their inherent gifts ,“ said Jin Sung, Oasis Executive Director.  LHJ Depot Theater Oasis_0074_
In addition to the arts, Oasis will be offering non-art courses for young mothers,  financial literacy, home ownership, just to name a few.
“There are many paths to prosperity in a community,” Sturdevant said.  “I have always believed that cultural arts development is a critical part of economic development.”
Over the course of the 10 weeks, Oasis will also conduct special community events.  Including the Children’s Festival on January 31 and art symposium on February 21.
Cost for the programs are low in comparison to others of a similar type, and there are scholarships available for all of the programs.
The art collaboration between Oasis and La Habra  is unique and is a first of this size and diversity for Oasis.

Sung added that other cities in Orange County are interested in a similar collaboration.
She said that she has appreciated the outpouring of support and the willingness to work together among organizations in La Habra.
“Great programs often operate in silos,” Sung added. “I feel there is a great willingness to break that mindset here in La Habra.”
Sung explained that the collaboration with the La Habra Art Association and the Children’s Museum has really helped provide resources and expand the scope of the program.
Further, the support from the La Habra Chamber of Commerce, the La Habra Collaborative and the various faith-based groups in the community have helped make this program happen, according to Sung.
This program is just another in a series of events that the city has done in an effort to help grow the cultural heart of La Habra, including bringing in Mysterium to operate and produce shows at the Depot Theater, after it sat unused for nearly two years.
“It’s really a collaboration,” said David DeLeon, La Habra recreation manager. “We are creating a platform to join groups together and leveraging our resources and knowledge bases. To achieve a strong footprint for the arts here in La Habra.”
New productions by Mysterium and the art appreciation program by Oasis, including community classes by professionals to help inspire La Habra’s younger population, are definitely increasing La Habra’s cultural footprint.
“There is a power in art,” Sung explained.  “Art has the ability to store the wounded heart, awaken a sleeping soul and even shed light to beauty.  Art leads.”

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Measure A wording finalized

Posted on 17 January 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Daniel Hernandez
La Habra Journal

A superior court judge imposed her own verbiage on all parties involved in a lawsuit regarding the Healthy City Initiative last Friday, modifying the title of a controversial measure on the La Habra Heights March election ballot.Web_LHJ oil and ladera palma_0143_
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joanne O’Donnell ordered city officials to make slight changes to the ballot title question for the anti-oil initiative the city dubbed Measure A, attempting to reach a compromise between Heights Oil Watch members and the oil industry’s preferred language, City Manager Shauna Clark said.
The new language changes the word “any” to “certain” among other small verbiage alterations.
“It was not some kind of compromise,” Clark stated. “The language was adopted by the court.”
The city manager preferred to let the La Habra Heights city council vote on the new language, but the judge decided to impose the changes and settle the matter on that day.
City Attorney John Brown stated at the meeting that he is confident from a legislative standpoint that the city did everything they could to follow the election codes.
On December 1, an oil industry backed lawsuit filed by Heights resident James Pigott convinced city officials to change the title question on the ballot measure, eliminating the term “high intensity petroleum operations.”
But the HOW group filed its own lawsuit December 12 arguing that the new verbiage the city agreed upon is not impartial and could confuse voters, who might think the initiative would ban existing oil operations.

The superior court judge agreed.

The final version of the debated ballot title now reads like this:
“Shall an ordinance be adopted that prohibits land use for certain treatments of oil or gas wells that are designed to enhance production or recovery, any new oil and gas wells, and reactivation of idle wells?”
The judge ultimately said all the initiative language is partial. “It was the judges’ decision because we [The LHH City Council] just could not reach an agreement,” Kyle Miller said at the meeting.
None of the actual initiative language has been changed, except for the title or question.
An oil industry group, Californians for Energy Independence, recently donated $200,000 to help fight Measure A in La Habra Heights. Members of the HOW organization see it as a steep amount for a community with under 4,000 voters.
As stated, Measure A would ban the drilling of any new oil wells and prohibit the reactivation of any existing idle wells while maintaining existing oil operations.
The oil industries in the community, including California Resource Corporation, formerly known as Occidental Petroleum, and the president of Matrix Oil argue that the initiative not only aims to stop new oil drilling but also could put a halt to all existing oil operations.
Some of the Heights council members and the city manager agreed and have argued in past meetings that the broad verbiage in the initiative reads like it might lead to existing oil wells being shut down because of well rotating.
The HOW group and supporters of Measure A claim the initiative is intended to stop new oil drilling in La Habra Heights, while maintaining existing operations. In other words, the initiative is meant to stop the Matrix Oil project from commencing at a property that it is leasing from the Southern California Gas Co. at 2490 Las Palomas Drive.
A time line, provided by the city of LHH, with the different titles for the initiative with all the small changes from the beginning of the process is as follows:

1.  Language initially written by BBK and challenged by Pigott (Adopted November 13, 2014).
“Shall an ordinance be adopted that prohibits land use for new oil and gas development, including high-intensity petroleum operations, new oil and gas wells, and reactivation of idle wells?”

2.  Approved by Council on December 1 to settle Pigott (Adopted December 1, 2014).
“Shall an ordinance be adopted that prohibits land use for any treatment of oil or gas wells that is designed to enhance production or recovery, any new oil and gas wells, and reactivation of idle wells?”
Note: December 31:  The Judge objected to the use of the word “any”. She did not object to the word “enhance”

3.  Submitted to Judge O’Donnell (Adopted January 2, 2015).
“Shall an ordinance be adopted that prohibits land use for treatment of oil or gas wells that is designed to enhance production or recovery, any new oil and gas wells, and reactivation of idle wells?”

4. Final language (Imposed by order of the court – January 7, 2015)
“Shall an ordinance be adopted that prohibits land use for certain treatments of oil or gas wells that are designed to enhance production or recovery, any new oil and gas wells, and reactivation of idle wells?”

According to Clark, the city sent the ballots to the printer Monday. The election is set for March 5.

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New year, new commitments

Posted on 17 January 2015 by La Habra Journal

It’s that time of year again, time to start off the new year with new initiatives and a new focus.  It’s a way to kind of reset and focus on goals we want to achieve.  This is the issue that we include some resolutions from people in the community.   It’s always interesting to read what some in the community are planning on doing.
I actually recently completed a New Year’s resolution that I had from a year or two ago of cleaning out and organizing the garage.  I guess there’s no real time frame on when these resolutions have to be completed.  Just that we have goals.
One of the goals we have for the La Habra Journal is to continue to provide information and act as a resource for all those in the community.  This is why we have the business directory, the church listings, the business journal and other items.   Since it is the new year it is time to expand these goals.  Starting with this issue, and with the next couple issues, you will see some new sections within the pages.
This issue starts the Health/Fitness section. Within this section there will be articles that will help readers maintain health and fitness.  There will be articles on different medical topics for various age groups, as well as fitness tips and nutrition ideas written by local experts in these areas. The goal is to provide a resource and help people in the community live healthy and happy lives.
We will also publish a personal finance section every other issue starting in the next issue.  Not only do we want to help people be physically healthy, but we also want to help provide a resource for the community members to stay financially healthy.  Topics will vary and benefit all age groups with tips on saving for retirement and college as well as helping to clear up credit and applying for home loans.  Like the ones on the new health section, these articles will be written by local experts to provide the most relevant information for our readers.
Finally, we will be launching a section of the LH Journal in Spanish.  It has been a goal of ours for a while, but needed to get the right people in place to ensure we will provide information that readers want and need.  It won’t just be a translated version,  of the English language articles, but rather new content.  Some articles will include information from the English articles, but it will be more of a resource for the Spanish-speaking members in our community.  So, if you are reading this and know of someone who would appreciate local news in Spanish, please tell them to pick up the LH Journal starting with the next issue.
Again, the idea of implementing all these additions is to provide resources for our readers. Much of the content, you’ll notice will be written by advertisers.  This is not a paid piece or perk of their advertisement, but rather something initiated by me for information.  We have a great relationship with our advertisers and we believe in our advertisers and their benefit to our community (otherwise we wouldn’t have them in the paper). So, it’s natural that we reach out to them as knowledgeable sources from the community for these topics. It’s another way of helping to further connect our community and maintain a local perspective.
We will continue to look for ways to enrich the lives of our readers and as a La Habra native, I want to help ensure we do what we can to help this community.

—The Editor

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Ladera Palma launches Lego Robotics program

Posted on 17 January 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Jay Seidel
La Habra Journal

The 7-year-old adjusts a final brick and moves back to double check to see if the code she entered is correct.  She then sets the robot down and smiles as her creation whirs and moves into action. For her, everything is awesome. LHJ oil and ladera palma_0159_
This is what some first and second graders at Ladera Palma will experience in the schools new after school Lego robotics program.
The program officially started last Thursday, but Principal George Lopez started the wheels going on this concept as soon as he became principal in the fall.  Lopez was vice principal at Washington Middle School and was instrumental in helping establish that schools robotics program.
“We always thought how great would it be if we could start the kids with it at an earlier age,” Lopez said.  “When I came over to Ladera Palma as a principal, one of the things I wanted to start was a STEM program.”
STEM is the acronym for science, technology, engineering and math, which has become an educational priority in  American schools.
Inspiring learning and helping to build successful students who are ready to the ever changing world of technology is a goal for schools. The big push is to find ways to get students more excited about the science fields that will help them throughout their academic careers.   The Lego robotics program is a way to do that at an early age.
“It teaches them concepts in engineering, definitely implements math and technology, which is the use of the computer and basic programming that comes with the Lego kit,” Lopez explained.  “It clearly is a part of science.”
Lopez added that it also integrates the “Four Cs”, which includes: critical thinking, collaborating, communication and creativity.
The start of the program at Ladera Palma marks the first time a program like this has been started at the K-2 level in the La Habra City School District.  Washington Middle School has been successful with a robotics program and some of the 3-5 schools like Walnut and Los Positas have started similar STEM programs.
The program is 6-8 weeks and the initial class is made up of 30 first and second graders, which are then broken up into teams of 4-5 children.  Lopez himself teaches the program.
“I had experience with the program from Washington,” he explained.  “So when we brought the Legos over it wasn’t that foreign to me.  It was just a matter of doing it with Legos and formatting it to a first and second grade level.”
Lopez said he hopes is to increases the class offerings and get other teachers trained to teach the program.
He added that the goal is to get the children excited about science and technology and  “most of all want to get the kids excited about applying their learning to other things.”

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La Habra area community members share their New Year’s resolutions

Posted on 17 January 2015 by La Habra Journal

It’s a tradition. Each year we make resolutions.  Here is a look at some of this year’s resolutionsNew Year reso

My New Year’s resolution for 2015 is to spend more time with my son and family. As I enter my fourth term on the city council I resolve to serve our community with the same passion and drive as my first day in office!
James Gomez
La Habra Mayor Pro Tem

My New Years resolution is to have Advance! help more than 300 young people from La Habra get into college!
Fred Lentz
Founder, Advance! on to College

To train one more World Champion. Also, relax more and less serious on little things.
David Martinez
Director, La Habra Boxing Club

Give unconditional love to all: to those that are easy to love and to those that  challenge me to love with all my heart.
Mecki Grothues
Director, La Habra Life Center

I want to work more with community organizations and members, involving everyone in the Move More, Eat Healthy La Habra campaign to fight childhood obesity, and promote a healthy, vibrant La Habra,
Sandi Baltes
Director, La Habra Collaborative

My resolution for 2015 is:
To NOT add anything more to my plate BUT to do the things that I already do BETTER in a way that pleases God.
Rolland Esslinger
Athletic Director, Whittier Christian High School

To create, develop, produce and market something never seen, imagined or done before in the past 83 years.
Chuck Morse
La Habra Resident

In 2015 I resolve to spread the good news about La Habra High School, the Home of the Highlanders. We are blessed with amazing programs, students, families, staff, and community members, and I want to share this with everyone!
Lezlie Matsuyama
Chemistry teacher/Science Department Chair,
La Habra High School

Our New Year’s Resolution at Sonora is to increase the equity, access and opportunities for all students in our International Baccalaureate Program.
I personally would like to get more involved with our Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in activities and service to our community here in La Habra.
Adam Bailey
Principal, Sonora High School

I have a goal to get my older kids started on piano lessons this year.
Tim Shaw
La Habra City Councilman

To be more active, to learn to ice skate well (my mom was a speed skating champ), and to remember to take my reusable shopping bags into the store, instead of forgetting them in the car.
Marcia Taylor
La Habra Recreation Division

The Children’s Museum at La Habra will continue to be a fun and exciting destination for children and families to visit and engage in  the Arts, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Literacy, Physical Fitness and Healthy Eating exhibits and programs.
Lovely Qureshi
Managing Director, The Children’s Museum at La Habra

Get rid of negative influences, have more patience, laugh often and say ‘thank you’ always.
Eloisa Sharp
La Habra State Farm Ins. agent

Looking forward to serve everyone that comes to the Continental Deli. Come on over and have a sandwich or sausage and also buy from our Deli where we have German specialties.
Monica Geub
Owner, Continental Deli

My primary New Years Resolution is become more involved in Pet Rescue.
Sharon Machlik
Owner, The Dog Lodge

I resolve to stop daily and  see…Really see the beauty around me . To name it, share it and record  it everyday, in my journal, much like a gratitude journal, but I must see it every day, in the daily activities of life and capture it. It’s a daily adventure.  Oh, and take my daily vitamins
Vicky Eagleson
Counselor, La Habra High School

My New Years resolution is to spend  a few minutes every night writing a schedule for the following weekday so I can maximize my time.
Matt Holmberg
Treasurer., LH Kiwianas Club, La Habra Heights Resident
I have a few resolutions but a very simple one to keep is: Take The Stairs…no elevators or escalators.  It can also equate to “Go the extra mile”!   Oh yes, and eat more chocolate!
 Kathy Felix
TNG Real Estate Consultant

I resolve to look for the good in myself before I look for it in others!
Debbie Dudley
CEO & CSEO, CEA / Owner
Mercury Escrow Company

I resolve to be as smart as our 5th graders as we implement new technologies and the Common Core in our schools.
John Dobson
President, Board of Trustees
La Habra City School District

I resolve to improve my time management skills.  Balancing your professional life and personal life is key to happiness and success, and both are equally important.
Jason Cecil
Interim Director
Help for Brain Injured Children

To continue to fulfill LHHS’ vision of supporting and producing well rounded students who thrive in academic, athletics, the arts, and leadership activities. And, of course, repeat as only school in Orange County to meet State and Federal AYP guidelines!
Karl Zener, Ed.D.
Principal, La Habra High School

My New Years resolution like most people out there is to get in better shape.  I also want to sell twice as many homes as I did in 2014.
Ray Fernandez
TNG Real Estate Consultants

For 2015, I want to make sure that everyone has access to understandable and usable information about health insurance and the healthcare system, so we can all make it through the year healthy, happy and productive!
Michael Villaire, MSLM
CEO, Institute for Healthcare Advancement

La Habra Historical Museum! So my 2015 resolution begins to bring as much awareness to our community to visit our precious gem of history soon and often. And secondly support our community as a La Habra Host Lion member
Elizabeth Steves
President, La Habra Host Lions
I would like to see the Move More, Eat Healthy La Habra Campaign continue to progress and thrive. Our city is on the road to improved health and fitness and I am excited to see what this year brings!
Rebecca French
Owner, Elite Fitness

My goals for 2015 are to eat healthier and to enjoy more time with family, as our son is heading off to college in the fall.
Melissa Barajas
Sonora High School
English Teacher and Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

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How to tell if you have hearing loss

Posted on 17 January 2015 by La Habra Journal

By William Schenk, BC-HIS, ACA.
Fullerton Hearing Center

Hearing loss can be due to the aging process, exposure to loud noise, certain medications, infections, head or ear trauma, congenital (at birth) or genetic factors, diseases, as well as a number of other causes.  shutterstock_130449020
Recent data suggests there are over 34 million Americans with some degree of hearing loss.  Hearing loss often occurs gradually throughout a lifetime.  People with hearing loss compensate often without knowing they have hearing loss.

You may have hearing loss if:

  •  You hear people speaking but have to strain to understand their words.
  • You frequently ask people to repeat what they said.
  • You don’t laugh at jokes because you miss too much of the story     or the punch line.
  • You frequently complain that people mumble.
  • You need to ask others about the details of the meeting you just     attended
  • You play the TV or radio louder than your friends, spouse and relatives.
  • You cannot hear the doorbell or telephone ring.
  • You find that looking at people when they speak to you makes     them easier to understand
  • You miss sounds such as birds singing, leaves blowing or rain     falling.

You find yourself avoiding certain places because they are too     noisy or people because you can’t understand them.  If you have any of these symptoms you should see a Licensed Hearing
Healthcare Professional to have a formal hearing evaluation.  This hearing test, or audiologic evaluation, is diagnostic in nature.  A diagnostic audiologic evaluation is more than just pressing a button when you hear a beep!  Rather, an audiologic evaluation allows the
Hearing Healthcare Professional to determine the type, nature and degree of your hearing loss.  In addition, your sensitivity, acuity and accuracy to speech understanding will be assessed.  The Hearing
Healthcare Professional may test for speech understanding at different volume levels and in different simulated environments. This additional testing may be performed in order to provide the Hearing Healthcare
Professional with an indication as to how successful of a candidate you might be for amplification.
The hearing evaluation should also include a thorough case history (interview) as well as a visual inspection of the ear canal and eardrum. Additional tests of the middle ear function may also be performed.
The results of the evaluation can be useful to a physician, if the Hearing Healthcare Professional believes your hearing loss may benefit from medical intervention.
Results of the hearing evaluation are plotted on a graph called an audiogram.  The audiogram provides a visual view of your hearing test results across various pitches or frequencies, the ones necessary for understanding speech.

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Witt fires up team for Raider victory

Posted on 17 January 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Erik Markus
La Habra Journal

After a sluggish first half, three second-half goals for the Raiders helped them to a 4-1 win over Bolsa Grande last Wednesday.
Tied at one at halftime, the Raiders were given a challenge by head coach Cory Witt…score three goals or run.sonora_raiders
“It’s frightening to run, because none of us want to do that,” Christopher Dimas said about the possibility of running after the game.
The Raiders (3-3-2) had played with disinterest, appeared confident they could sleep through this game and get a victory, but just before halftime Bolsa Grande (2-6) beat them in the defensive zone and got a clean look for a goal.
The goal wasn’t anything fancy, but was a product of lackluster defense and hustle.
“We came out in the first half, oh we’re gonna win this game, and we don’t have to try that hard, which I told them at halftime, is a complete and utter disrespect for an opponent,” Witt explained.
The coach didn’t need more signs to issue the challenge.
“I don’t care who the opponent is,  you go out there and you go play your best,” Witt said.  “You bring out the best in their abilities as well.”
Sure enough, the Raiders responded.
“First half, we were playing with a sense of arrogance, and they were playing with passion, and the second half we decided to play with a little bit of passion,” Witt said.
The passion he saw in Bolsa Grande, which he wanted from them was displayed in their soccer.
“The passion came from, trusting one another, touching the ball quickly, moving the ball from offense to defense in a smooth, quick fashion, and the result paid off,” Witt said.
They entered the second half with a different intensity, and scored their first second half goal within the first 10 minutes.
“The second half they took those words to heart, and they went out there and played to their ability,” Witt said.
Dimas scored the first goal off an assist from Joey Montalvo, but it was the third goal that highlighted the change in attitude.
Pushing the ball past midfield, Dimas was found open just outside the box.
A ground pass was sent his direction but Montalvo realized the defense was rushing in his direction and told him to let the ball go.
Aware of the situation, Dimas dummied the ball through his legs, right to Montalvo who finished the ball to give the Raiders their third second half goal and a 4-1 lead.
“I did not expect him to let it go,” Montalvo said about the pass he received from Dimas.
Afraid of the reaction he would have gotten from his teammates, he made sure to finish the shot.
“They probably would have chewed me out,” Montalvo said.
Eli Rico-Torres scored the first goal 20 minutes into the game when he received a throw in from Montalvo. Once he had the ball, it took just a few dribbles before he ripped a shot with his left foot to net the first goal.
Rico-Torres also scored the Raiders third goal as they inched closer to their objective.
The midfield offensive pressure changed in the second half, as they received balls and quickly looked to move it upfield, rather than dribbling it into pressure.
“When your midfielders in the first half are holding the ball five, six touches, trying to make people look foolish, dribbling one or two players, and then five minutes into the second half, they’re collecting the ball and getting rid of it right away, two touch three touch soccer, you can tell right there that okay these guys mean it, they’re gonna play,” Witt said.
The Raiders followed with a 4-0 win against Whittier High School Friday, and enter Freeway League play Wednesday against Sunny Hills at home.
Witt added, “they’ve got to rely on one another to be successful.”

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Lady Highlanders dominate in opener

Posted on 14 January 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Sarah Fenton
La Habra Journal

The La Habra girls’ soccer team won its first Freeway league game against Buena Park, 7-0, at home Tuesday afternoon.

LHJ LHHS vs BHHS Gsoc_0934_
“In league every game matters, so we knew we had to play hard,” said La Habra head coach Matt Sanger. “We wanted to start off strong and send a message to our league that we are here to win it.”
The Lady Highlanders (3-6-1, 1-0) took turns scoring and dominated the Coyotes (2-10-1, 0-1) on both offense and defense the whole game.
“We worked on possession and we got to work on some of our set plays,” Sanger said. “It’s not so much this game that we’re looking at, we’ve been preparing for the season to start. In preseason we got to try some things out and we got to test things.”
La Habra took an early lead in the 6th minute with an assist from Taleah Carter to Sarah Wieland who finished the play.
The Highlanders took control of the first half and maintained possession of the ball in Buena Park territory but had trouble finishing their shots.LHJ LHHS vs BHHS Gsoc_0428_
“We have a lot of young players and with young players you have inconsistencies so what we need is our young players to get more experience and to start playing more confidently,” Sanger said.
Late in the first half the Highlanders advanced their lead to 2-0 with help from Alexis Morales. The Highlanders held the lead over Buena Park going into halftime.
La Habra came out fighting in the second half.
“For the second half we went back to our game plan of playing simple, moving the ball quickly, and not getting stuck,” Sanger said. “We tried to play a more simple game and we found spaces and we were able to attack a lot more.” LHJ LHHS vs BHHS Gsoc_0496_
The Highlanders sco quickly with an early goal off a corner kick tapped in by Darriell Franklin to advance the lead to 3-0.
Minutes later, La Habra found another scoring opportunity when the ball got loose in front of Buena Park’s goal. The ball bounced around in front of the goal and the Highlanders tapped it in before the Coyotes could clear it out.
The Highlanders kept pushing the ball forward and Chloey Cooksey scored two consecutive goals from left field to advance their lead to 6-0 over the Coyotes.
In the final minutes of the game, Regina Sanchez added one more point to the scoreboard by tapping in a corner kick from Wieland. LHJ LHHS vs BHHS Gsoc_0920_
“A game like this might look like we played a perfect game when you look at the score but we have a lot of things we have to fix,” Sanger said. “Mostly it’s just little mistakes.”
With their first Freeway league win under their belt, the Highlanders will travel to Fullerton and take on the Indians Wednesday afternoon.
“I think we did a much better job in the second half,” Sanger said. “The biggest thing for us is our intensity. We have to bring a high level of intensity no matter who we play. Any team in this league can be dangerous so we need to make sure that we come prepared.”

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Raiders beat Friars despite loud crowd

Posted on 12 January 2015 by La Habra Journal

By Erik Markus
La Habra Journal

Sonora struggled shooting the ball in a tough matchup against Servite last Tuesday on the road behind their hostile crowd, but came out on top winning 58-51.LHJ Sonora DBHS_BkBall_0228_
The Raiders normally don’t have trouble shooting from behind the arc, but against Servite, they struggled to find their usual easy baskets.
“I think it’s a product of this gym, we’ve played here a number of times, and they crank the heat up to about 110 and their crowd is fantastic,” said Sonora Head Coach Mike Murphy.
“This was the best environment of the season for sure, you know the Sonora Servite crowds tout for the best crowds in Orange County, it just creates for a great atmosphere and a great game,” Sonora guard Christian Rhodes said.
The Raiders are typically very good shooting, and have shot teams out of the gym, but when they are missing shots their shooting nature can hurt them.
“We are not very patient,” Murphy explained. “We shoot the ball way too soon, we don’t make enough passes on offense, and that’s kind of a product of guys that all think they can score whenever they want.”
The Raiders went into the fourth quarter up 42-30, primarily from their defensive effort. But it didn’t take long for the Friars to heat up and begin to chip away at the Raiders lead.
This time it was the Servite defense that helped keep the Friars in the game, holding the Raiders to just four points for more than half the quarter.
The Raiders finally began to break out of their shooting slump, when Rhodes knocked down two free throws, and Raider point guard Josh Rodriguez threw in a floater.
Sonora’s Aashad Womack struggled from the free throw line, but knocked down the first of two to help extend the Raiders’ lead. His second free throw attempt clanged off the rim, but was collected by the Raiders to continue their possession.
Womack drew a tough defensive matchup guarding Servite’s 6’ 6” wing Cameron Griffin, who scored 16 points.
“It takes a lot of energy to bang and bump with those big guys, and that guy he was guarding was about 280 pounds, and he was battling him,” Murphy said about Aashad’s effort.
Womack’s defensive and rebounding effort was key for the Raiders. In the second quarter he grabbed five of his eight rebounds.
Throughout the first half, the Raiders struggled from the free throw line having made just 5-14 from the charity stripe.
“We missed more free throws tonight than we did all season,” Murphy added.
The Servite student section, know as “The Asylum” appeared to get in the heads of some of the Raiders while shooting free throws, but it was free throws that ended up pulling the Raiders through for the win.
“Before the game we all talk about it,” Rhodes explained about preparing for the crowd noise. “We all say don’t get involved with the crowd, let them do their own things and we just play our game.”
Rhodes, who knocked down four three pointers en route to 19 points on the night, was also perfect from the free throw line in the fourth quarter.
This is one of the first games this season where the Raiders’ three-point shooting has not gone their way.
“I tell our guys all the time, the three point shot is fool’s gold,” Murphy said warning against shooting threes.
Sonora’s Steven Murphy had three blocks in the second half which allowed the Raiders to get out in transition. Murphy was matched up against Servite’s Jacob Hughes, a 6’ 11” sophomore, but held him to just four points.
“The bigger his opponent, the better he plays,” Coach Murphy said about Steven Murphy.
As in their matchups in previous years, there was a clash of styles in this game, the Raiders are notorious for their fast pace, but Servite tried to slow the game down.
“We wanted the game fast and we were going to pressure,” Murphy said, “When the game goes fast we play better, when the game goes slow, they play better.”
The Raiders should have no problem playing fast against equally fast Sunny Hills as they open up Freeway League.
In addition, the Raiders will be back to full strength with the return of Senior Forward Ben Rico, who was sidelined with an ankle injury early this season.
Steven Murphy dealt with an injury to his Achilles during the summer, but is playing some of his best basketball this season.

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