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Heralds launch first ever swim team

Posted on 20 June 2013 by La Habra Journal

By Nathan Percy
La Habra Journal

Seven students at Whittier Christian High School made history when they became the first athletes to be a part of the school’s inaugural swim team this past spring. It may have taken some time to secure, but thanks to a dedicated athletic director, swimming is now the 18th varsity sport offered at the school.


Meet the first team: Back Row:  Coach Nicole Nicolaides, Kylie Cooke, Kyanna Barboza, Tiffany Park, Grace Do,  Heather Washle, Coach Rolland Esslinger; Front Row:  Kyle Lee, Cody Walker made up Whittier Christian High School’s first ever swim team this season.

Meet the first team: Back Row: Coach Nicole Nicolaides, Kylie Cooke, Kyanna Barboza, Tiffany Park, Grace Do, Heather Washle, Coach Rolland Esslinger; Front Row: Kyle Lee, Cody Walker made up Whittier Christian High School’s first ever swim team this season.

“I’ve had kids come up to me during the school year and say that they were a swimmer and would love to represent Whittier Christian,” said Rolland Esslinger, Whittier Christian’s athletic director. “So I did some research and contacted the CIF and basically, we didn’t need a full team, but we needed a paid coach that could supervise the swimmers in a certain number of meets.”

And so a swim team was born. This year’s team included five girls (Kylie Cooke, Heather Washle, Tiffany Park, Kianna Barboza and Grace Do) and two boys (Kyle Lee and Cody Walker).

Before this year, Maranatha was the only school in the Olympic League to have a swim team and a pool. Now, in addition to the Heralds, Valley Christian and Heritage Christian have also introduced small swim teams.

In an ironic twist, Lee and Walker were grouped with boys from Whittier Christian’s rival school, Valley Christian, in order to compete in relays at swim meets.

Esslinger said that even though the team was unable to win any events, the fact that the swimmers still wanted to compete added a nice touch to the long-standing rivalry.

“It has to be a first in our history,” Esslinger said. “They had fun. It was pretty neat to be able to form some friendships and do that.”

Also, Lee, a freshman, came very close to representing Whittier Christian in the CIF-SS Individuals in the 200-meter individual medley.

Getting to this point was not without challenges, though. After making announcements in chapel and throughout various events on campus, Esslinger, along with assistant Nicole Nikolaides and his seven team members, dove into a season that would become as much of a learning experience for the coaches as it was for the swimmers.

Esslinger admitted that, going in, he knew little about swim meets and the sport of swimming. He claimed that he and Nicolaides were there to uplift and encourage the kids rather than teach them.

“I had actually never been to a swim meet before,” Esslinger said. “We wanted to make sure we got the buses coordinated and then we just took a bunch of pictures and videos. In the very first meet, one of our girls missed her event because I didn’t know what I was doing. I was trying to coordinate everything, and it didn’t start off too well that way. But after that, it was a great time and they loved representing their school.”

During the season, the kids would practice on their own and come together for the meets. According to Esslinger, each student athlete was also involved in another activity on campus. Some played other sports while others participated in music. Esslinger was very appreciative that those other coaches and teachers allowed members of the swim team to skip a practice every now and then to go to a meet.

This go-with-the-flow style was a bit hectic at times for the Heralds, but it also turned out to be quite fun for everyone involved. Esslinger, who claims he had the most fun, is already looking forward to next season.

“We’ve got some decent swimmers. Hopefully they stick with it,” Esslinger said. “It was neat for them to be a part of it. We have some great kids.”

Right now, Cooke is the lone incoming senior for next year’s squad and has already provided a huge help to Esslinger and Nicolaides.

“She’s an excellent swimmer, she does it all and she’s a really strong kid,” Esslinger said. “I had to take her with me to the coaches’ and captains’ meetings, and while the referees were going over rules with me, I would look at Kylie to make sure that she understood it all so that she could go and relay the message to her teammates. In that regard, she was really teaching me.”

Since Esslinger said his role was more of a motivator, there are thoughts of bringing in a coach in the future. At the very least, Esslinger said he would love to have someone to help coach the kids at meets next season.

Esslinger believes that next season will be similar to this one, with all events held at Maranatha. However, he does have resources he can try if Whittier Christian hosted a meet in the future. One possibility could be La Habra High School, where the current boys water polo coach David Edwards was a former student of Esslinger’s.

“La Habra has been really gracious to us in letting us use their track, and it might be something that down the line I would talk with Frank McCarroll [La Habra High School athletic director] about, but we’re not at that point yet,” Esslinger said.

For now, Esslinger and Nicolaides are happy to provide some promising student athletes with an opportunity, one that Esslinger hopes can tread water for a long time.

“We’re evaluating whether or not we want to do anything different for the coming season, but it will probably be mostly the same,” he said. “If we’re going to do something, we want to do it well, so going forward, we’ll keep thinking of ways to make it better and hopefully we have a few more kids so we can have some more fun.”

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LH Rotary awards local top graduates

Posted on 20 June 2013 by La Habra Journal

By Jane Williams
For the La Habra Journal

Suffice it to say, all three of the high school’s valedictorians possess stratospheric grade point averages. starting at 4.5 and soaring to 4.8. The more amazing fact about each of them is how many other accomplishments each has packed into her, yes, this year all three are female, high school career.JuneStudents of Mon
Take Sydney Chou for example. While taking Sonora’s rigorous International Baccalaureate and A.P. courses and competing on the academic decathlon team, Sydney has been the principal oboist for the Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra for the past three years. She performs with the orchestra along with the Anaheim Ballet company in the Concerts for Fifth Graders at Segerstrom Performing Arts Center.
Sydney has also performed at inner city schools as part of the Music Encounter Outreach program run by the Colburn School of Performing Arts. That school has seen fit to award her summer music and merit scholarships.
She was named principal oboe for the California All-State High School Orchestra in 2012 and 2013, attended Interlochen’s Advanced Oboe Institute and the Idyllwild High School Chamberfest Festival.
In the fall she will be off to UCLA and plans to major in Oboe Performance and Statistics. She plans to become an accountant. She already is a private oboe teacher and freelance musician.
Hana Park is the daughter of Minkyu and Inja Park who met in America after immigrating to Los Angeles from Korea. Hana credits Steve of Blues Clues with being her first English instructor. The Magic School Bus also eased her transition from her Korean speaking home to kindergarten.
Hana attended elementary school in Buena Park and went to Heights Christian Junior High.
She chose to come to La Habra High and enrolled in the Heritage of Americas program. In 10th grade she switched to the AP track, taking AP World History and all honors classes except for her 0 period theater course and 6th period swimming.
In 8th grade Hana joined the La Mirada Armada swim club, having participated on summer swimming teams from a young age. She swam varsity and made it to CIF Swim Finals in both her freshman and sophomore years for all of her events 100 meter butterfly and 200 meter IM.  She frequently volunteers for Armada as a timer at swim meets and as a member of the hospitality group for visiting teams.
Hana also became the president of the Asian Club and is a member of the La Habra Leos Club.
As a junior she decided to focus more intensely on her academics. She signed up for four AP classes. She received 5s on all her AP exams and was named an AP Scholar with Distinction.  This year she has taken six AP classes and seven AP exams. It was an arduous experience and she was grateful for her mother’s encouragement.
Hana was granted an academic achievement scholarship by UCLA and admitted to UCI’s Honors Program, but had decided to attend UC Berkeley and possibly major in Psychology. She hopes to choose a career that will make an impact helping others in the ways in which she is most able.
Finally there is Kelly Patapoff, captain of Whittier Christian’s volleyball team. For Kelly, volleyball starts in July and runs through the end of November. At least it does for the Heralds who have consistently gone deep into the CIF Championship series and this year won it all. She has also owned the scholar athlete award all four years for volleyball.
Kelly plays regularly with a club team the rest of the year, not to mention acting as referee for junior high players and as a coach for the Whittier Christian Elementary summer volleyball camp.
One of her teachers said, “Kelly reminds me of why I love teaching.” Several teachers commented on her academic maturity, sophistication, and delight in an academic challenge.
Volleyball coach Shawn Hunter probably summed it up best, “She is smart as a whip, ready to compete and a true friend and blessing.” Principal Martinez added, “Kelly has been a moral and spiritual leader on our campus.”
Kelly is also going to UCLA, then to medical school and plans to become a cardiologist. And everyone at Whittier Christian expects her to do just that.

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Continental continues to bring a little bit of Germany to La Habra

Posted on 20 June 2013 by La Habra Journal

By Lauren Harrity
La Habra Journal

Tucked away in the corner of the Palm Court shopping center on Imperial Highway is one of the gems of La Habra. Continental Deli, the family-owned German delicatessen, has been a fixture in La Habra for more than 20 years. Before, it resided in neighboring La Mirada for 29 years. The original owners, Katie and Roy Stuhlmueller, opened it as a celebration of their German roots and to bring the tastes of Germany to the people of Southern California.Deli_Teaser
But recently, after 50 years in business and suffering from ill health, Katie and Roy sold the Continental Deli. The new owner, Monica Geub, is no stranger to German heritage. Not only does she claim German ancestry, but she has also worked at a German bar and restaurant. Now that Geub owns Continental Deli, she is determined to have the German tradition live on.
“There aren’t that many German places around anymore,” Geub said.
In fact, Continental Deli is the only German deli in the area; the next closest place is in Anaheim. For those in the La Habra area who have a hankering for some Deutschland-style food or for those looking to try something new, Continental Deli offers everything from German meats, cheeses, breads and beer to traditional cold cut sandwiches. The potato salad, in particular, is very popular with the regulars.
The deli is divided into a market area and a dining sector. The market is lined with a display case full of German meats like bratwursts and liverwursts, and pastries such as strudel and German chocolate. Along the opposite wall is a case of German beers and a table of tea cakes. Customers ordering at the counter can take their food home or to the neighboring dining area. The latter is currently adorned by a mural of the German countryside, but the new owner is looking to add a few things in the near future.
“I plan on putting TVs in. It’s just a matter of time,” Geub said. “We’re very big into soccer and we will also be playing German DVDs, German music videos and have German music playing all the time.”
The deli has a loyal fan base and Geub has already begun to receive new customers from her previous business. She also hopes to attract customers.
“We cater to everybody,” Geub said. “I plan on just keeping the German tradition.”
While many other businesses falter under new ownership, Continental Deli hopes to prevail by offering the traditional German foods loyal customers love while also bringing in updated touches to entice new clientele.
The Continental Deli is located at 1510 W. Imperial Hwy. and is open 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Hours sometimes vary, so it is best to call ahead.

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Advance! awards 20 local students with scholarships

Posted on 20 June 2013 by La Habra Journal

By Jay Seidel
La Habra Journal

The La Habra-based Advance! Organization presented 20 students from La Habra and Sonora High Schools with individual scholarships last week.Advance_Print_4C
This year’s list of recipients marks the largest amount of scholarships that the organization has presented.
“It really helps a lot,” said Maria Retama, whose daughter Brianna, a La Habra High School graduate who will attend Cal State University, Los Angeles.
Her father, Domingo, explained how Briana has been working toward scholarships to help pay for her college expenses since she was in middle school
“My parents work really hard, and I really appreciate this help because of the opportunity it creates for me,” said Brianna, who plans on studying fashion and textiles.
Many of the scholarships are from local families by former students who established funds to help students prepare for college. The criteria for each scholarship vary depending on who funded the scholarship.  This year the Institute for Healthcare Advancement funded four scholarships for students planning on studying in the healthcare industry. Scholarships average about $1,000 per year per student.
“It helps because I work and this will allow me to be able to give more time to school,” said Diane Felix, a La Habra High graduate who plans on attending Fullerton College and majoring in criminal justice or child development.
Felix is also part of the La Habra Police Department’s explorer program and volunteers in the community. “It’s a lot of work,” she said. “But it is paying off.”
This year Advance! was able to present the Fred Lentz scholarship to students. Named for one of the organization’s founders.
“Thirty people came together and funded the scholarship,” he explained. “They told me about it on my seventieth birthday.”
Advance! Is a non-profit organization that helps assist La Habra area students prepare for college.  The help can be tough tutoring, helping with entrance applications, choosing a college, orientations, etc. The organization is funded by grants and donations by local support.

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Local family honors loss with hope for others

Posted on 20 June 2013 by La Habra Journal

Sonora High School student starts Donate Life Club in honor of his younger sister.
By Christina Ledesmaa
La Habra Journal

It is said that the love of family is one of life’s greatest blessings. It is also said that you can give without loving, but you can never love without giving. One Sonora High School student has shown that this love of family and giving carries on.
Caleb Choe, a sophomore baseball player, created the Donate Life Club on campus in honor of his younger sister Erin, who drowned in 2006 when she was 5 years old.  The family donated her organs in order to help others live. Choe__photo_1
“They were able to recover her corneal tissue, which gave sight to two people,” said Caleb. “So after that, we were invited to a donor ceremony, and ever since then we were involved in Donate Life.”
Caleb’s mother Jennifer was also inspired to help others in the wake of this tragedy. She is a big advocate for organ donation and has been involved with Donate Life California since April 2007.
“It’s a God-given calling to our family to carry out this mission,” she said.
As an advocate, Jennifer speaks at different organizations and has helped work to increase the number of organ donors listed through the Department of Motor Vehicles.
“We want to celebrate, instead of grieving of her not being here,” she explained.  “We want to celebrate Erin’s life, the five years and nine months we had. All the things that she enjoyed, all the passions. She loved people and she loved doing things.”
Caleb was only 8 years old when he lost his younger sister; now that he is older, he wants to carry on his family’s tradition and participate in Donate Life.
“I was inspired by the donors’ and recipients’ stories. I wanted to help them and also spread the word about organ tissue donation,” he said.
Since September 2011, Caleb has been an ambassador for Donate Life California. He started the Donate Life Club at Sonora last year and he is the third person in the country to establish such a club. His older sister Hannah was the first when she created the club at Sunny Hills High School three years ago.
Caleb himself became an outspoken advocate for organ donation and shares his family’s story, hoping to inspire others to become organ donors. He spoke at the La Habra City Council when the city proclaimed April as Donate Life month.  He was also a guest speaker at the UCLA Pediatric Symposium at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, where he spoke to organ and tissue doctors.
Also, he recently spoke at a fundraising event to benefit Noah Litzau, a 10-year-old La Habra boy who is currently awaiting a heart transplant.
“I was a baseball coach for a winter camp and on the last day, the head baseball coach talked about how there’s a boy who used to be a camper [and] is now waiting for a heart,” Caleb said. “That whole recipient, waiting list and donor—I can relate to that.”
Since Litzau was unable to attend the baseball camp anymore, Caleb decided to bring the baseball camp to him. Caleb recruited some of the Sonora High School baseball players to give lessons to Litzau and his brother.
Caleb said he has learned a lot through baseball that has helped him cope with losing his sister and motivated him to participate in Donate Life.
“Baseball is all about teamwork and how you react to wins and losses. Especially losses,” Caleb said. “And how life isn’t always how you want it to be planned. It’s how you react to it.”
Whether it’s through baseball or speaking engagements, Caleb and his family continue to honor Erin’s memory by encouraging people to give of themselves so that others may have a second chance at life.

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Local scout sheds his locks to help

Posted on 20 June 2013 by La Habra Journal

By Sarah Negrete
La Habra Journal

Children suffering from leukemia and hair loss are what inspired 7-year-old Olin Mateo Morales Hyder to donate his long, dark hair to Wigs for Kids, a foundation that provides free hair to children who have lost their locks due to medical treatment or injury. haircut_2
Olin first became motivated to help when he watched family friend Camila Gonzales, now 5 years old, deal with leukemia treatment 18 months ago. He decided to cut off all of his hair that he had been growing for more than two years.
“I was growing my hair out because I wanted to be a rock star,” explained Olin. “I was very attached to my hair, but I felt bad that Camila was sick, so I decided I wanted to help her and give her all my hair.”
Although Olin’s hair wasn’t literally given to Gonzales, it was donated to another child suffering from cancer, similar to that of Gonzales. Thanks to a bone marrow transplant, Gonzales no longer has cancer and is growing back her own hair.
When the day came to cut Olin’s hair at Main Frame in Brea, many people—from family to Cub Scouts— came out to witness the boy’s act of sacrifice and generosity. It took more than an hour to cut off 12 inches of Olin’s mane, and friends and even his teacher at Ladera Palma Elementary School did not recognize him with this short new hairstyle.
Olin’s mother, Janette Hyder, felt proud that her son wanted to do something to benefit other children less fortunate than him.
“When he proposed this idea to me about donating his hair because of Camila, I thought it was so sweet,” said Janette. “I couldn’t believe that he was really serious about cutting his hair because he was so attached to it. But because Olin and Camila basically grew up together, he saw how she lost her hair progressively over time because of chemotherapy, and that was what really affected him the most.” Haircut
Olin plans to grow his hair out once again for Wigs for Kids—and for an even longer period than two years.
For more information, or to learn about how to donate and become involved in the fight for a cure, visit

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LH teens return from Atlanta ready to become leaders

Posted on 20 June 2013 by La Habra Journal

By Sarah Negrete

Nine Boys and Girls Club members were part of the 2,000 teens from across the United States who came together last week in Atlanta to network, discuss community involvement and participate in workshops at the annual Boys and Girls Club Keystone Teen Leadership Conference.

The cross-country journey marked the first time some of the teens ever left California.  The trip was made possible through the fundraising efforts put on by the Keystone members throughout the past year, as well as a small program grant awarded to the Boys and Girls Club.

Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of La Habra Mark Chavez feels enthusiastic about the opportunities the conference gives teens each year.
“It gives me great pride in our club because of our ability to give to underprivileged and very deserving children good opportunities in life such as this,” he said. “For some, it was their first time out of state, for others, their first time on a plane altogether. Either way, this trip gave these kids an experience made possible by the hundreds of hours of work, many bake sales, can drives and other fundraising ideas in order to send the nine Keystone members out to Atlanta, Georgia.”
Two of the Keystone members who went to the conference were the Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year winners, Katie Nunez and Elijah Wilson.
Nunez, 16, felt that this year’s trip positively impacted her life as well as others’ lives.
“I really enjoyed meeting so many different people. We all could relate to each other,” said Nunez, who is the Keystone Club vice president. “It was a great, rewarding experience, and I learned so many things. I definitely feel as if I can make a difference in anything I do, and it motivated me to become more involved in so many other things in life.”
Wilson, Keystone Club president, also attended last year’s conference in Texas. But the 17 year old admitted he enjoyed this year’s Atlanta conference a great deal more.
“This year, I really put myself out there more and pushed myself to meet others,” Wilson said. “By doing that, I met so many others with close common interests…from all over the country. We even keep in contact. But overall, it was a great experience for me to learn about different cultures and people from different places who share the same goals and aspirations as I do. I really recommend this trip to future members of the club.”
The Boys and Girls Club of La Habra has already begun the fundraising for next year’s Keystone Teen Leadership Conference. Since the conference will be held in Anaheim in March, more club members will be able to attend. The next fundraising event the Keystone members plan to run will be a snow cone sale at the La Habra Lions Corn Festival in August.
To find more information about the Boys and Girls Club of La Habra and how to become more involved, visit

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Gem Show dazzles community

Posted on 20 June 2013 by La Habra Journal

By Melissa Cano
La Habra Journal

Gem and mineral enthusiasts across Orange County gathered at the La Habra Community Center for the 29th Annual Jubilee of Gems and Jewelry Show June 8-9.Gem Show__112
The two-day show, hosted by the North Orange County Gem and Mineral Society, offered many events and activities for guests of all ages, including 22 gem and mineral dealers, eight demonstrators, free classes, raffles and a specialized kids’ center.
One of the most popular activities at the event was the geode booth. Spectators had the opportunity to select a geode and have it cut open.
“When you open up a geode…what’s inside is all magical,” said Heather Bates, Jubilee show vendor. “You just get that thrill of knowing that this has been underground for thousands and thousands of years.”
Along with geode cutting, another popular attraction was the kids’ center. It enticed children of all ages to create their own necklaces, bracelets and even make some natural toothpaste.
Grandparents George and Barbara Cosand admitted this was their favorite room of the entire show. They attended the event both days, which allowed their granddaughter, Zoe Cosand, to create a variety of items to take home.
“I made some toothpaste, and I made a keychain, and I made a pet rock too,” said the 4-year-old Cosand.
In addition to the various activities at the show, many vendors were there to sell their works of art. Jewelry, minerals, gems and other handmade items could be found for sale by crafters and collectors.
While the Jubilee was a true demonstration of the North Orange County Gem and Mineral Society’s hard work and efforts, it is just one of the many things the group does for the community.
“We teach a lot of young people,” said Jonas Ruzgys, North Orange County Gem and Mineral Society member. “We try to involve them, teach them about gemstones, about the geology of rocks, and things like that.”Gem Show__004
The society, which includes several La Habra residents, acts as an educational resource for the community by encouraging the study and interest of gems and minerals. The group also hosts classes, field trips, workshops and school presentations throughout the year.
“It’s beneficial to everybody to be able to discover these things,” said Rosemarie Pedroza, Jubilee participant. “The history of the Earth is essentially what we are finding.”
To learn more about the North Orange County Gem and Mineral Society, visit

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New school schedule set for fall

Posted on 20 June 2013 by La Habra Journal

By Cameron Reed
La Habra Journal

La Habra K-12 students will have a shorter summer break this year because the La Habra City School District will begin the 2013-2014 school year two weeks earlier. Classes will begin on Aug. 19 and end two weeks early on May 29, 2014.
The LHCSD changed its schedule after the Fullerton Joint Union High School District, which also serves La Habra high schools, shifted its calendar ahead two weeks. LHCSD Superintendent Susan Belenardo said uniting the districts’ schedules would make things easier on La Habra families with children in multiple grade levels.
“We’ve always aligned our calendars in order to make it more convenient for parents,” Belenardo said. “We’re supporting the community and trying not to make it too challenging on parents.”

Most students will start school on Aug. 19, but sixth and seventh graders will start on Aug. 16. Belenardo believes these younger middle school students will benefit from the new schedule by getting a little extra time at the beginning of the year to adjust to their new surroundings and multiple teachers. She said it should also help the schools plan for their eighth grade promotion ceremonies at the end of the school year.
In the Lowell Joint School district, the seventh graders at Rancho Starbuck will start a day before the eighth graders in order for them to get acclimated to the junior high school, according to Dr. Patricia Howell, superintendent of the LJSD. She also stated schedule uniformity as a reason for the change.
“It’s a tradition to follow the same schedule [as FJUHSD] so our families would not be inconvenienced,” Howell said.
The move comes at the recommendation of a study group commissioned by the FJUHSD in October  2011. The group, comprised of students, parents and high school faculty, found that starting school earlier will give students more time to prepare for high-stakes exams, like the California High School Exit Exam and college placement tests.
The group’s report showed overwhelming support for the schedule shift, citing that it is sometimes difficult to foster meaningful learning once students finish these exams but still have two weeks of school left.
FJUHSD Superintendent George Giokaris likened the old schedule to a poorly managed sports team.
“It’s like you’ve played the last game of the season, but you still have to practice for two weeks,” Giokaris said. “It’s to more effectively use instructional time.”
Giokaris said the extra time to prepare for community college placement exams is particularly important, because between 55 and 60 percent of the district’s graduating seniors who go to college attend a local community school.
“If juniors and seniors fail these tests, they could end up in remedial classes that don’t transfer,” Giokaris said.
The La Habra City Community Services Department is also feeling the effects of the new scheduling. In order to accommodate the earlier start dates, Community Services Director Sal Failla and his associates in the department had to shorten several of the city’s summer programs, such as the La Habra Active Day Camp. The summer camp, located at the Veteran’s Hall behind the La Habra Public Library, will now run 10 weeks, accommodating campers from June 10 until Aug. 15. Failla said the Community Services department was given about one year’s advance notice of the date change.
“We’re very lucky that all three school districts adopted about the same calendar,” Failla said.
He noted that prices for the camp and similar programs have stayed the same despite having two less weeks because the programs charge on a per-week or per-day basis.
School administrators and city officials seemed confident that the change will go smoothly and will benefit the community.

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La Habra turns on third well, saves money

Posted on 20 June 2013 by La Habra Journal

By Jay Seidel
La Habra Journal

The final production and powering up of La Habra’s third water pump occurred late last month. The well, located at Portola Park, marks the completion of the city’s water pump project. The city added two pumping wells in just under two years.
The third pump will produce 1,200 gallons of water per minute. With all three of the city’s wells pumping (Portola, La Bonita, Idaho), La Habra will produce approximately 3,400 gallons per minute from the La Habra Basin.
This amount accounts for approximately 40 percent of of La Habra’s overall water usage.
“The wells benefit the City and its residents in several ways,” said Rob Ferrier, La Habra’s assistant city manager.  First, they provide La Habra with greater water independence, relieving our need to import as much water from Metropolitan Water District,  which is, much more expensive than what it costs to pump ground water.”
While residents might not see much of a decrease in their water bill, the city will no see a significant savings by not having to purchase water from other water districts. This savings will go back into the operational budget of the city and fund the city’s other expenses.
Ferrier added that the wells also provide La Habra water customers a degree of rate security they otherwise might not experience.
“The wells don’t necessarily mean La Habra will never again look to Metropolitan Water District for some of its water, particularly during the hot summer months, or that water rates will never go up, but they do give the city and its residents a measure of relative stability.,”
That stability has long-term value and for that reason the choice to invest in our wells and water delivery system was an easy decision for the City Council.
The total cost of the Portola well and pump was $3.2 million

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